I know exactly how you're feeling right now...

  • After a few tough months (or years!) you're kinda feeling like you've lost yourself - and the current state of your body unfortunately reflects that.
  • You're ready to feel like your best self in every damn way - and FAST!
  • You miss the confidence in yourself and body that you USED to have.
  • You're DONE eating things that don't make you feel good or putting off exercise. You're ready for a complete transformation. 
  • You're sick and tired of WISHING for your dream body.


Introducing the 30 Days to Your Ultimate Revenge Body

A hardcore 30 day health and fitness OVERHAUL created to help women like you get focused, be disciplined, and be your absolute best self - mind, body AND soul.

Why Me?

Where I would share my story, of course. Where I was and how I was feeling. Where I am now. Why and how I made that transformation happen.

Flash Forward 30 Days From Now...

  • You're rocking the HELL out of those skinny jeans that feel tight and uncomfortable right now.
  • You have a sense of pride in not just the way you look, but the way you feel - pride you haven't felt in a really long time. 
  • You're glowing - seriously. The foods you're putting in your body are actually making you healthier and it's visible in everything from your waistline to your skin.
  • Fitness has become an outlet, rather than a punishment. You actually look forward to sweating.
  • You're the happiest and most confident version of yourself because you DECIDED to accomplish that.

How This Will Work

This program is about getting results, and fast. In our time together, we're going to focus on four core elements: 

  1. Seriously cleaning up your diet. That means we'll be eliminating ANYTHING processed for our 30 days together. Think lots of lean proteins, veggies and fruit.
  2. Two workouts daily. Again, this is about making quick progress, so we'll be focusing on cardio in the morning and toning different areas at night - EVERY day.
  3. Daily mindset work. Your transformation is about more than just your body - this is about being the best version of yourself. Therefore, each day, you'll be required to spend some time really working through your thoughts and visualizing your dream body and life. 
  4. Accountability and support. You don't have to do this alone - and you shouldn't have to. A big reason you'll see results in 30 days is because you'll have the support and accountability to KEEP GOING from myself, and others on the same mission as you.

I can't guarantee it'll be easy. But I can PROMISE you it'll be worth it. 

What's Included?

What's better than one amazing workout? How about 100(?) amazing workouts? Beachbody's All Access Pass is the PERFECT solution to help you

A month's worth of a superfood-packed protein shake. Shakeology is JAM PICKED with nutrients that allow you to feel energized and nourished AND it seriously tastes AMAZING, I promise!

I believe STRONGLY that drinking Shakeology each and every day was hugely beneficial in allowing me to shed the pounds quickly, and I know that by adding it to YOUR daily routine, you'll feel the same.


Accountability and support, especially when times get tough, are CRUCIAL for helping you STICK to your goals. This community is available ONLY to my clients that are a member of this Revenge Body program, and because of that, this is a safe space for you to check in daily and share - the good, the bad, and the ugly! This is where you'll also be checking in with me daily. Have a question? Feeling frustrated? I'm just a post away!

Plus Bonuses!

Register by Sunday, February X and receive the following bonuses:

In working on my own revenge body, daily mindset work and journaling were CRUCIAL to helping me push through and achieve the results, both physical and mental, that I wanted. When you sign up before this coming Sunday, I'm sharing with you EXACTLY what I journaled on

Rather than just letting YOU choose what exercises to do and when, we'll have a 30 minute jumpstart session to discuss, and I'll personally create a custom work out schedule for you, incorporating exercises from different programs, 

** IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to receive your bonuses, you MUST be registered as a customer. If you have questions on how to do this, please let me know - hello@sara-dann.com **

Ready? Let's Do This!

** IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to receive your bonuses, you MUST be registered as a customer. If you have questions on how to do this, please let me know - hello@sara-dann.com **

Questions? Not sure this is for you? Email me: hello@sara-dann.com