The biggest complaint I hear from Beachbody Coaches...

Is that you feel like you're working SO hard for each and every sale.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for HUSTLING, but that doesn't mean you can't ALSO implement systems and structures that make your business (and therefore your life) flow a little smoother.

Seriously, I know that if I were a Beachbody Coach, I'd be automating my ASS off - to increase my sales + sanity.

It's not hard. It's not expensive. But it IS powerful.

And I wanna teach you EXACTLY how I would do it.

Introducing Awesome Automation

A workshop training for Beachbody Coaches who are ready to take advantage of technology and start working smarter, not harder - leaving more time for MONEY MAKING activities.

What We're Covering...

  • AUTOMATION 101: What automation is, why you need it, and how to get started.
  • WAYS TO AUTOMATE: I'm breaking down TEN ways I'd automate my business if I were a Beachbody Coach and giving you examples of how I would structure it. This will include marketing to new leads, delivering content to customers, upselling on new products, training coaches, and MORE!
  • ACTIVE CAMPAIGN: Exactly how to set up EVERYTHING using my favorite tool, ActiveCampaign.
  • LANDING PAGES: How to create a high converting landing page using LeadPages. Plus, how to integrate it with ActiveCampaign.

What's Included?

Training presentation where I'll be walking you through EXACTLY how I'd automate my business from both a strategic AND technical perspective.

Tutorials and examples so that you can implement all you've learned. Everything (materials, recording, etc.) will be housed on a password protected membership page that you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to. 

Your Investment!

IMPORTANT: All communication will be sent to the email address you use with PayPal. ALL SALES FINAL.

If you have questions before registering, please EMAIL me -