About Sara.


About Sara.

Ready to go from stalled to unstoppable in your coaching business?

Well first, let me tell you what you DON’T need to make that happen.

You don’t need another e-­course with no personalized attention and played out, regurgitated “professional” advice.

You don’t need a costly photo shoot and a fancy, schmancy website showcasing 10+ ‘signature’ offerings.

And you don’t need another coach telling you to follow their formula because it’s. the. only. way.

Hey, I’m Sara Dann.

I’m a foundational business and marketing coach for driven, passionate women like you who are ready to (finally!) take your coaching business from stalled to unstoppable.

Here’s what I believe (and why I’m SO obsessed with this work):

Most coaches don’t get where they wanna go, not because they aren’t super talented, smart and gifted, but because they glossed right over the very basics of business. 

Basics like...

  • Your sweet spot – the combination of your passions and expertise
  • Who your dream clients are (and what to create for them)
  • How to reach them with strategic marketing and create a consistent flow of cash and clients



HERE'S THE DEAL: With 8+ years experience in the business and marketing world, I know what it takes to make a business work. I know it’s totally possible to create wild success with a coaching biz you’re crazy about - because I'm doing it right now.

But be warned: I'm NOT a cookie cutter coach and I will NOT give you a 10­-step formula for success or tell you to do exactly what I did.


(Because that would be kinda counterintuitive considering following everybody else’s formula is exactly what got you here in the first place, amiright?)

Instead, I’ll bring my straight forward, tell it like it is personality to the table to help you cut through the confusion, tune out the noise and get crystal clear on the basics of your coaching business. And then? Create marketing structures and strategies that bring you sweet lasting success, instead of (maybe) big, but inconsistent, paydays.


Just individualized support and focused plans to create the coaching business and life you want.

You’re an intelligent, capable woman - it’s time to stop dreading Mondays and squeezing your life into weekends and two weeks of vacation of a year. 


My Short N Sweet Success Story:

Building a successful business isn’t easy, and for most of us, it doesn't happen right away. (I told you I don’t sugarcoat!)

Yes, 5­-figure months are the norm in my business, and being able to travel to incredible places like London, Paris and Miami, while still making money working from my laptop is my reality, but I will never try and trick you into believing I'm some overnight success.

I kicked off my entrepreneurial journey back in 2012 when I was killing it as a successful marketing coordinator for a small brick and mortar printing business. Only problem? I resented that most of my life – and fun! – was crammed into weekends.

I knew there had to be a better way. A simpler way. Later that year, I took the leap and left to do my own thing – a small business marketing venture called Spark Marketing that totally. took. off. 

For two long ­and ­crazy years, I worked as a freelance marketer, doing everything from helping plumbers make cold calls to rocking social media for wedding planners.

I loved the freedom. It was a serious upgrade from my 9­-5. Unfortunately, I was clocking 70­-80 hours a week, my bank account was paltry and worst of all, I was still making other people’s dreams come true instead of my own. Not quite the “boss life” I had envisioned.

And the worst part: Because I was SO overworked and debt ­ridden, I was caught in the throes of shiny object syndrome (read: buying every business course out there and focusing way too much on what everyone else was doing).

I knew I had the smarts, talent, and passion to do something big and spark major change in the world, I just didn't know how to get started. So I spent over a year spinning my wheels trying to get somewhere, but going absolutely nowhere.

Turns out, flying by the seat of my pants wasn’t a viable business strategy.

Finally, in October 2014, I put my foot down. I realized I had to stop running from doing the foundational work. I had to finally give myself permission to play and explore and (potentially) move away from doing what I felt I should do, or sticking with what I thought would put money in the bank. 

So, I got down to brass tacks and asked myself what the heck I was REALLY meant to be doing. 

As a result, I fired most of my freelance clients and went full speed into creating a solid foundation for my own coaching business, putting in hours to figure out exactly how I was meant to work with people, who I wanted to help, and how I would do it.

And I discovered my real “thing” was coaching female entrepreneurs through their foundational and online marketing efforts. Bing­o!

So I got to creating – fast – and by January, I was ready to run my first webinar and within the first 30 days, I made over $8k in sales. Not too shabby, right?

And it’s gotten (way!) better from there.

I'm thrilled that I've been able to take the talents and passions I possess, what truly sparks me inside, and create a successful business for myself. A business that allows me to do what I love, make the money I'm worth, and have the freedom to enjoy life outside of an office. In fact, today, I run two successful businesses – my coaching business and a tailgate trailer rental business with my boyfriend, Rob.

And what I’ve learned is that nothing works without a solid foundation. I attribute my success to those two core things: a super strong foundation and strategic, consistent marketing (read: selling the right things to the right people in the right way).

The good news? If you're willing to work hard and put the proper strategies and structures in place, you can absolutely do it, too. 


Ready to stop waiting for someday and start creating your own success today? Let’s ignite your inner fire and spark your brilliance. Click below to scope my sweet, simple, streamlined services.