$1,000 Valentino Heels + $50 Target Dress


This past weekend, I hosted my Unstoppable Uplevel VIP Weekend in San Diego and it was an INCREDIBLE two days, full of high vibes and serious shifts.

Day one, I walked in the room, and my client Laura complimented my outfit. 

"Thanks, dress is from Target! And my heels are Valentino!"

The next night at dinner, this sparked a really good conversation about truly understanding the difference between spending money because you actually DESIRE something and buying/doing things because that's what we feel like we're supposed to buy/do.

The truth is there was definitely a time that I would have walked in that room HOPING and PRAYING nobody knew that what I was wearing was from Target. I would have berated myself that because I'm a successful business owner, I SHOULD be wearing something more high end.

Now? I have a deeper sense of who I am and what I actually WANT to spend money on. I trust myself to make ALL decisions based on what feels good, not what I'm supposed to do. There are no more should's - just things that are desires and things that are not. 

For example, some things that are really important to me...

• Spending $1000 a ticket for a friend and I to see Justin Timberlake in the VIP section.
• Taking 30 minutes a day to drive my pretty little Mercedes C300 to Starbucks for a $7 coffee.
• Flying first class, specifically for any flights longer than an hour, and then staying in beautiful, high end hotels.


• I don't have cable bc I think it's a total waste for the small amount of time I spend watching TV. 
• I will not buy candles from Bath & Body Works unless they're on sale.
• If I see a shirt/dress at Target that I like and that makes me feel good, I'm gonna go for it.

Yes, I believe in abundance and yes I believe that I can create whatever amount of money that I want - but that doesn't mean that I'm going to spend money on things I don't ACTUALLY care about. 

My belief is that one of the MOST important things we all HAVE to do as we build our businesses is to get clarity around what it is we TRULY want in all areas - otherwise we spend a lot of money and time investing poorly, and chasing things we don't actually care about.

I'm willing to bet in your business, you've spend a lot of time focused on all the things you should spend money on, the things you should do, the ways you should work.


Because your success as a business owner is about A LOT more than the money you make. It's about actually creating a life and business you ACTUALLY want - not one you think you're supposed to have.

A reminder today that...

You get to decide what's important to you and what's not.
You get to build your business in a way that feels authentic and freeing to YOU, even if others do it differently.
You get to trust and honor yourself - the real you, not the person you think you're supposed to be.  


Sara Dann