"Don't get your hopes up."


It was just about a year and a half ago that I felt REALLY stuck in my business.

I remember being on a call with my mindset coach, Molly Sapp, and saying that I knew HOW to create consistent $20k+ months, but that I just wasn't doing it.

"Well if you know how, then why are you not doing it?"

A simple question, really, but one I got really serious about digging into, because I KNEW it was something that had to shift if I wanted to get out of this rut and create the income and business I knew I was capable of.

I went home a few days later, and told my mom about something (I don't remember what) that I was working to accomplish. The first words out of her mouth?

"That's great, but ya know, don't get your hopes up"

Literally hit me like a ton of bricks.

This stupid, tiny little phrase is something she said OVER AND OVER again to me growing up. Whether it was trying out for the cheerleading team, trying to lose 10 pounds, or even if I had a crush on a boy and wanted to tell him, she continually shut me down before I even began to go after what I wanted.

Now of course, I love my mom and recognize that her intention for always saying that to me was to protect me, but still, it fucked with me in EVERY area of my life for YEARS, without me even realizing. I had created the consistent pattern of saying I wanted to have/do something, and then stopping myself before I even began.

How this played out in my business...

I'd launch a program, say I wanted 20 people registered, would get 10 and then feel like, OK, I'm good, no need to keep going.

I'd set a financial goal, get a little over half way there, and then convinvce myself my goal was too big anyway, and that I should be happy with what I did make.

I never actually WENT for what I wanted. It was easy/more comfortable to quit on myself then to GET MY HOPES UP and keep going.

The strategy, the amount of hours I worked, the number of people I connected with - none of that MATTERED because I went into each and every thing, not believing I would have it anyway.

As with any mindset shift though, recognizing the pattern/story is the first step. Then comes consciously deciding to create a new pattern and story.

That means that now when I launch/market something, I set a goal, believe with every bone in my body that I'm going to HIT that goal, and then make it my mission during the entire launch to KEEP GOING and KEEP BELIEVING until it happens.

If I want something, I decide it's mine. And then I decide again. And then I keep on deciding until it fucking happens - KNOWING damn well it's safe to get my hopes up.

And it's safe to get YOURS up, too.

Sara Dann