Things Suck So You Can Uplevel

January 2017 was a rough month for my business, and really, my life.

I had just gone through a devastating break up, I hadn't really worked my business the way I normally would thanks to said break up, and even though I had a $9k month, I was BROKE.

With the intentions of bringing in some quick cash, I launched a webinar. A webinar that I had done probably 30 times before, to promote a program I had sold over and over again for almost a year.

I, in no way, shape or form WANTED to launch this, but it felt like the thing I needed to do.

The webinar bombed.

I barely made back the money I had spent to promote it via FB ads, and I was FREAKING out - especially because that had honestly never happened to me before. It wasn't just the panic about money, but the anxiety of what WAS working for so long, wasn't working anymore, so now what?

I pretty much had a breakdown, not knowing what to do next, and I went into serious victim mode. I couldn't understand why this was happening to me, after everything else I had just been through.

After feeling sorry for myself for a day or two, I (finallyyyyyy) forced myself into action. Not "I need to make money" type of action, more like "I never want to feel this way again so it's time to actually do what I WANT to do" type of action. Empowered action. Inspired action.

I got real with myself about what I actually wanted to do and how I wanted to show up in the world.

I faced the fact that I had played small and stayed comfortable for far too long, not pushing myself to do bigger or scarier things.

I recognized that I had put off building my dream busines for long enough, and it was time to stop just going through the motions and actually put life and purpose into my business, the way I had always intended to, but put off, thinking I had to wait until I made more money.

2017 wound up being a $503k year for me, over triple the amount I had made the year before - and that NEVER would have happened if that webinar made the money I wanted it to.

That "failure" pushed me into action. An entire new strategy, a new mentor, and a new understanding of the fact that if I want people to be excited to pay me, I need to actually be excited by what I'm selling.

A reminder today that yes, sometimes launches/webinars/whatever bomb. 

Sometimes the client that we REALLY wanted to sign on decides to change their mind.

Sometimes things suck.

The only thing that you can do from there is decide. 

Decide it's sucking for you. 

Decide it's happening so that you can get to where you're meant to be.

Embrace what is, know it's FOR you, and act accordingly.

Sara Dann