Your Feast and Famine Cycles Explained

The first two years of my coaching business were a CONSTANT financial struggle.

I had pretty consistent 5 figure months, sure, but KEEPING money in my bank account was a whole different story.

The real reason for that?

I fucking hated my business.

I didn't realize it then, to be honest with you, but I hated it.

At the time, I really just thought that was what entrepreneur life was supposed to be. Late nights. Spending my life on my computer. Never feeling satisfied with what I had gotten done, even if I had worked a 15 hour day, because there was always so much more that I COULD or SHOULD do. I can't remember having any fun, and quite honestly, it was a rare occasion for me to actually get DRESSED.

It felt hard, every single day.

It felt heavy, every single day.

It felt like it was running me, every single day.

Thanks to that misery, here's exactly what happened when it came to money:

1. I would create/market something because I HAD to, in order to get some cash coming in.

2. I'd make money, just enough, never more, and then feel like AHHH I'm OK for a little, I can take a little breather from INTENTIONALLY SELLING.

3. That breather would last days, sometimes weeks, depending on how much money it was that I had made, and basically, how comfortable I felt with what I had in the bank.

4. Eventually, my bank account balance would start to get lower, putting me into panic mode. I'd force myself into action, again create/market something because I HAD to...and then the cycle would begin again.


Of course I didn't actually SEE that I was doing this at the time, but it's obvious to me now.

I so badly wanted to build my business to consistent $50k+ months (my reality now), but because of this cycle, I never allowed myself to make it happen.

It was awful thinking back on it, but I'm also grateful it was that way for so long, because of all that I've learned about business and about myself.

Things I see VERY clearly now:

This vicious cycle of only selling, and therefore only making money, when I felt like I HAD to, was a product of me not living my purpose and doing the work I was BORN to do in the world, because when we're doing what we actually care deeply about, showing up, sharing, creating, and selling daily is EASY.

I can't expect others to give a damn about paying me if I myself don't give a damn about what I'm saying/sharing/selling. Therefore, if my business is a watered down version of what I truly want to do in the world, I will continue to have a "watered down" income to reflect that, not to mention I'll be bored out of my mind, working hard to create a business I don't ACTUALLY want.

My business is an extension of me. I am my business and my business is me. They're not two separate things. My business is not something I have to take a breather from, and if/when I do feel that way, I know something must change.

There is NOTHING I ever HAVE to do. I have the power to choose what things I GET TO focus on, and what things I can eliminate all together. When I follow this alignment, I make money - all the time.


If what I've shared resonates with you, and describes where YOU are now, I want you to do the following...

1. Get honest with yourself - what would your business look like if you had it ALL your way? What would you say? What would you sell? How much (or how little) would you work?

2. Recognize that you GET to have it your way. What steps can you take daily, starting TODAY, to start building a business you love and that also allows you to sell/make money daily - not just every once and a while?


Sara Dann