It's Never About What Something Costs (My $30k Day)

A few months ago, I launched my first BIG event - the Unstoppable Uplevel in Charleston. I was excited, but also in SERIOUS resistance about marketing it.

First, let me be crystal clear - I knew, with every bone in my body, that the price I was charging was BEYOND fair (low to be honest) but still, I had a BUNCH of fear + bullshit stories going on in my head about why it wouldn't sell out.

Things like...

"Your community is used to lower priced offerings, $5,500 is way too much of a jump."
"Newer business owners can't afford the event AND to fly, get a hotel, etc."
"The event is too close - people need more time to invest in an event like this."

Those stories and fear led to doubt, procrastination, and resistance, which of course led me to NOT market it from the aligned place I prefer to market from.

Now, flash forward to mid-December. I'm freaking the fuck out internally with the deadline approaching, while also at the same time somehow super calm, knowing the answer/solution would come to me.

I went to a two day mastermind event with one of my coaches, Amanda Frances, in Malibu and I declared that my intention for this event was to shift this "dilemma" before I went home.

As we were gearing up to begin for the day, I looked around and noticed that everyone AT this event did not pay for the event itself, they were instead part of a 6 month mastermind, and got the event for free.


"Duh Sara, you were going to do a 6 month mastermind ANYWAY, why not do that, and just INCLUDE the event."

My energy shifted INSTANTLY - like literally, right away. Almost automatically, everything felt better. I was more excited about what it entailed. OF COURSE it would sell out. Like the thought of it NOT selling out was laughable - and this was with a price tag that was now $2,000-$3,500 higher, depending on whether they paid monthly or in full.

I started marketing the mastermind, knowing and believing it would happen, and pretty much sold it out within days.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Your energy/confidence/belief is what makes or breaks whether or not something sells. Once you decide to stop staying stuck in your FEAR and drama around a situation, money can flow - and easily. Stop ASSUMING the reason people aren't buying is the cost and start DECIDING to energetically get behind what you're offering.

Sara Dann