Today I want to talk to you about something that's crucial in your business and that's knowing who you're meant to be working with.

Ideal client. Target market. Brand hero. Whatever you wanna call it, it's crucial that you know yours, but let's face it, it's not one of the easier things we need to do in our businesses. It can be confusing, exhausting and it will most likely change over time.

Here are my three biggest tips for figuring out who you're meant to serve:

1. Identify your ideal client for your offering, not your business.

One big mistake I see many make (including myself) is that they think about their ideal client in terms of their overall current or dream business, instead of what they're offering currently. As coaches with programs or services to sell, it's important that we go back and figure this out each time we have something new to offer because even though we may be one kind of coach, not everything we sell is created equally.

For example, the woman that invests in a one on one 90 day package at a $3,500 price point from me is likely to be different in some ways than the woman who signed up for my $49 beta program. Neither one is better or worse, but they're likely in different stages of their businesses and therefore are in different mind frames, etc. It's my job to do that work to make sure I understand who my ideal client for each program is so that I'm marketing to them correctly. 

2. Keep one person in mind. 

For a while in my business, I thought I knew my ideal client, but instead, I had traits and needs of about 4 different ideal clients all rolled into one person. This created a lot of confusion and as we all know, confusion doesn't translate to sales.

When you're working on any type of offering or lead magnet, keep one specific ideal client in mind. Get to know that one person inside and out. Give them a name. Heck, find a stock photo and give them a face if you have to. Make sure everything you do aligns with something that one ideal client wants and needs.

3. Know what you know. 

What do I mean by this? You see, chances are, your ideal client will change over time as you work with more and more people, and that's totally fine, BUT it's important that if you're in the beginning stages of doing this, that you're really firm on what you do know. That means no flip flopping. No marketing to one target client one week and the next week another. 

Take my business for example: In January, my ideal client was a female entrepreneur, 25-45, that was really passionate about her business, but was confused about all things marketing.

Really vague, I know, but I was solid in that I knew that about them. It wasn't people who needed marketing help one day and website help the next.

Flash forward to today, my ideal client is far more specific. She's a female entrepreneur in the early stages of launching her coaching business, she wants to leave her 9-5 or transition away from a different type of business, she views success as not just an option, but the only option, she needs the help with figuring out what she's meant to offer, who her ideal client is, how to market it all, so on and so forth.

As you can see, my ideal client hasn't changed exactly, but it has evolved and gotten more specific. The important part here though is that I 100% knew the traits about my ideal client initially and always kept them in mind as I marketed. 


If you're unclear about your ideal client, make that effort to really firm it up this week based on the one offering you're really trying to sell right now. Write down what you absolutely know about what this person needs and wants on a piece of paper. Are you speaking to that one person or is the messaging confused? Does your offering really align with what your ideal client needs and wants?

Still not positive about this? Schedule some market research calls with potential ideal clients so that you can hear straight from them what it is they need and want.