As you probably know if you've been following me for a bit, I'm a big fan of the Timehop app, the one that tells you just what pictures you've taken and what your social media activity has been each year on a particular day. This past week, I came across this photo I had saved just a year ago and it was easy to kinda flash back to the mindset I was in back then.

Now a year ago, I was smack dab in the middle of trying to start my coaching business. I had a million great ideas, tons of things I wanted to pursue, yet I was still in that phase of going in circles without moving forward. I kept thinking about all the things I wanted to do instead of taking action. I finally realized, with the help of this quote (and my coach, of course) that it was time to stop thinking about it all and to DO IT.

While I 100% believe everything happens for a reason and things work themselves out when they're supposed to, one thing I do regret when it comes to my coaching business is not taking action sooner.

If that's the place you're in, where you're just thinking and planning, instead of doing, I wanted to share three ways you can get started NOW instead of waiting and hoping for things to fall into place:


Please, especially as a new coach, don't let the thought of free scare you. Yes, one of the goals in our businesses is to make money, but free can lead to some seriously big things, not to mention, tons of business clarity.

Last October, I knew I was ready to transition to coaching, but actually putting myself out there was something that still terrified me. I was new to officially being a coach and the process wasn't something I 100% felt confident about.

Doing something big like a webinar wasn't something I felt ready for, so instead, I decided to put up a really casual post up in one of the Facebook groups I was active in that offered complimentary coaching with no strings attached. I expected about 4 or 5 calls to be booked. Instead, I ended up for with about 40 and I have to tell you, it was an incredible experience. Not only did I receive a ton of great information about who I did and didn't want to help, but I also was able to establish some great relationships that have resulted in referrals, etc.


Similarly to free coaching, scheduling calls to speak to your ideal clients and ask them questions about what they want and need allows you to skip the guessing game and get some really great feedback without the pressure initially. Why guess what people will and won't invest in when you can ask them directly, right?

Especially with a million Facebook groups out there, you have the opportunity to basically have your ideal audience served to you on a silver platter. This is your chance to get right in front of those that you think you'd want to coach and hear it straight from them what they'd want from you.

Scheduling free coaching and market research calls, and then having it be confirmed just how much my work was needed, was the confidence boost I needed to really push myself to get the ball rolling with my coaching business, something I had been trying to make happen for months.


Let's face it, there are tons of people doing really exciting things in the online business world and the possibilities for creating amazing programs and courses is unlimited. That's great and all, but it can also lead to some serious confusion for those just getting started. One way I got really tripped up, and I see so many others doing the same, is wanting to create it all RIGHT NOW.

Not only can that create confusion for potential clients, but from my experience, it stresses us out to the point that not a whole lot gets done well. It's kinda like when you realize you have SO much housework to do that instead, you take a nap. Stressing yourself out and getting too far ahead can actually derail you instead of moving you forward.

As you're launching your coaching business, there's absolutely no need to have multiple one on one options, a group option, a course, etc. One solid program or offering that perfectly aligns with what your ideal client needs and wants is far better, than 3 or more vague offerings.
In my opinion, keeping things simple but concise, especially in the beginning, is almost always the right way to go.


Please remember, you can't think your way to clarity and you can't hope your way to success. You have to DO, you have to ACT. This week, commit to taking one big step towards getting your coaching business moving, whether that's offering free coaching or refining your signature offering so that it's irresistible to your ideal client.