Wondering why your coaching business still isn't taking off? I've got a few reasons why that might be the case.

First though, I want you to know that I say each of these things with love, even if it's a little hard to hear, because the truth is that it's the tough love I wish someone had given me a year ago when I was stuck.


You've heard me say it before, but without a solid foundation, even the best Facebook ad or webinar won't bring you in the sales you need. You'll end up confused, frustrated, flailing about, and throwing things up against the wall, hoping they stick. It's crucial for your success that you know how you're meant to serve, who the people are that need you, and what you're meant to offer before you attempt to spend money or energy marketing yourself.


Once we have the foundation of our business figured out, it's really important that everything from our website copy to our webinars align with that.

Say for example, I put out a great freebie about all the tools I use in my business and run a Facebook ad promoting it. What I wind up with is all different types of business owners that want to discover the best tools to grow their business on my list. That's great and all, but if they're not people who have the problems I can solve, what good does it do me? I wind up with a list full of people who will never buy from me. Not cool.

Everything in your business - your website, your Facebook ads, your webinars, your freebies, etc. needs to align specifically with who your ideal client is and what problems they're looking to solve if you want to turn those people into clients.


When I used to hear the word consistent, I used to apply it to actions like posting on Facebook or sending out newsletters, but what's most important is that you're ALWAYS marketing yourself and getting in front of new potential clients, because after all, consistent money comes from consistent marketing. Hate to break it to you, but doing one webinar or running one challenge isn't enough to bring you in a consistent stream of sales and clients. You're gonna need to keep going and going and going in order to see it all come together.


As we start our businesses, especially as intelligent, capable women with lots of talents, experiences and passions, many of us see the opportunity to help a lot of people with a lot of different things, which is a noble intention of course, but it doesn't position us as experts at what we do.

Again, it's crucial that you get clear on who you are and what you do from the beginning of your business. It may get more specific as time goes on, but that's a different thing than flip flopping completely. If you're positioning yourself as a money coach one day and a business coach the next day, it confuses people. And what do confused people buy? NOTHING.

Please, take the time to really get clear on what you're meant to do and who you're meant to help from the beginning so you can eliminate all the noise and confusion, both internally and for prospective clients.


One of the quotes I have scribbled on a post-it and hung on my desk is from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and that's “One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.”

Building a business is HARD and almost nobody gets it completely right in the beginning. I don't know a single person who got on their first webinar and knocked it out of the park or that launched their first offering to a ton of sales.

Seriously, if I hear one more person say "I did a webinar, but it didn't work" I may scream.

Our business success is a result of the work we do day in and day out, not working hard on one thing one time and hoping for the best. If something doesn't work the first time, tweak it until it does. Keep going and keep doing because if you want it, like really, really want it, the prospect of quitting CAN'T be an option.


Which of these are you guilty of? It's OK, we've all been there. Go through and really honestly reflect on your business and where you can improve, whether that's getting clarity on who you're meant to serve or how you can stop giving up so easily.