“Start before you’re ready.”

I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, but I’ve gotta be honest, I don't really believe it's the right step for most. Here's why.

When you're trying to get your coaching business to a place where you're bringing in sales and clients, especially in this “I made $10k a month and you can too” online business world that we’re in, the thought of getting started and making money quickly can be really enticing. There's the notion that if you just start putting yourself out there, all will fall into place, but from my experience, trying to market a business without a solid foundation in place first is an easy way to fail, fast.

How do I know? Because that's exactly what I did.

Without being clear on things like exactly what I wanted to offer and who I was meant to serve, I spent months flailing about, and in turn, wasted a ton of money and energy on things like Facebook ads, websites (yes, more than one), courses and programs, logos, stock photos I never used - the list goes on.

Once I finally buckled down and spent time getting real with myself about what I wanted my business to represent, who I wanted to help, and what exactly I should offer them, I launched to an $8k month, something I wouldn't have been able to make happen when I kept trying to start before I was ready.

I know this sounds like a bold statement, but making money in your business is simple. Seriously. It all comes down to knowing what you're best suited to help people with, who needs that type of help, and what exactly they need from you so that they can achieve their desired results. I think so many women (and I was one of them) look at figuring out those foundational pieces as non-money making activities, but the truth is, you can't build a successful business without them. Figure them out and deliver consistently, and you literally can't lose.


Are you crystal clear on how you're meant to serve, who, and what you offer? If not, it's time to figure it out before you spend another minute or dime marketing your business. If you need help getting started, I highly suggest registering for my free five part mini course, created specifically to help coaches like you take your business from stalled to unstoppable. In parts 1-3, I walk you through exactly how to get these foundational pieces in place so you can really master your marketing for once and for all.