Happy November! I'm a serious sucker for a fresh start so I'm always excited to welcome a new month, especially when it comes to business.

Personally, I'm counting on November being my best month ever when it comes to sales, so today, I wanted to share with you a little bit about what I do each month to set and achieve my goals.

Now, I've heard a lot of people say to not worry about the "how" when it comes to money and sales goals. I'm not that type. I totally worry about the "how" in the sense that I like to have a clear goal in mind and an idea of what I need to do to make it happen, mostly because I've found that I need to know what I want in order to get it. For me, it's simply not enough to say "I want to make a lot of money this month" or "I hope I get a few clients in November." I need to really dig in and commit to what I desire for myself and my business.

Here are the steps I take each month to set and work towards achieving my goals:


First and foremost, I pick a number that I'd like to achieve for the month. I find that having a number in mind helps me push forward and gives me a gauge of how I'm doing week after week. Instead of feeling like I'm just hoping for a good month, I feel better being strategic in knowing what I want to accomplish. I always pick a number that's realistic based on my previous month, but a number that also stretches me a bit.


Second, I break down exactly what that looks like for me, meaning how many of each of my packages I need to sell in order to accomplish that number. For me personally, I don't like to say "I want to make $10k this month" without a breakdown of how it'll come in. Again, that feels like I'm just hoping for money and sales, as opposed to being strategic in the actions I plan to take.


Third, I'll figure out the steps I need to take in order to make this number happen. If I know I want to bring on five one on one clients for example, I concentrate on things like how many people I need to add to my list, how many discovery calls I should hold, what I need to do in terms of live webinars, that kind of thing.


Finally, I constantly keep my goals top of mind. There have definitely been times, specifically in the beginning of my business, that I would create sales goals in the beginning of the month and then kinda forget about it a week later. I've found that when I've had my best months and when I've reached my goals, I've made a serious effort to keep that goal in mind on a daily basis.

Two specific things I do:

  • I keep a post-it right above my desk with the certain amount of spaces for clients that are waiting to be filled. Meaning, if I want six clients this month, I have a post-it with six spots on it, just waiting for those names to be written in.
  • I change all of my passwords to reflect my goal. God knows, I'm logging into a million things each day, so having to type it each time serves as a constant reminder of what I want.


From my experience, we need to know what we want in order to get it, so as we kick off a new month, I really encourage you to have clear goals in mind. What are your sales goals? How many clients do you want to take on? How many people do you want to book discovery calls for? From there, not only map out how you can achieve those goals, but really commit to making it happen.