In honor of kicking off today's Create an Offering Worth Celebrating challenge, today I wanted to share with you some mistakes that I see so many make with what they'e offering so that you can avoid them. 


When it comes down to it, business is really all about solving problems. Knowing which ones you're best suited to solve is crucial in setting everything else up in your business, and the truth is that you don't have to solve them all. 

It's so beneficial to get clear on what you specialize in and therefore what you offer in your package so that you can do a really good job doing what you specifically do, and sometimes that means crossing some topics off the list. I promise, you're better off showing that you can solve a few problems for your ideal client really, really well, as opposed to attempting to solve them all and then doing a half-ass job. 


Figuring out your ideal client is of course important, but it's crucial that you do this for each thing you create and want to sell. One thing I see many do is that they focus on their ideal client in a general business sense and then create packages and programs that don't necessarily align with who that person is.

For example, my ideal client is a new female coach, but the person I have in mind for my 90 day program is a different woman slightly than the woman I have in mind for my Jumpstart package. It's crucial that when I create each new thing I know who I want to purchase so that I can appeal to them directly, instead of being vague. 


People will pay for results, bottom line. Therefore, those that are going to buy a coaching package are going to do so because they believe they're going to get a specific result at the end of it. The picture of what they're actually going to walk away with needs to be clearly painted for them. Nobody buys calls, PDFs, videos or private Facebook groups. They purchase based on what they're going to get from those things, therefore what you create needs to clearly show what your ideal client can expect to receive by working with you.


Some may disagree with me here, but to me, when I see those just starting out who have a small list and virtually no following, but they're spending time and energy struggling to sell a $3k package, it makes very little sense. I fully believe in crawling before you walk. Maybe that means creating one specific 4 week program that makes perfect sense for your ideal client at a fairly low intro rate. Make a goal to sell 3 of them, and then as you go and work with more people, and really perfect what you're doing, you can raise it, and then raise it again, as long as you're truly confident in that what you're selling is giving your ideal clients the results they need and want, because confidence is really one of the most important things here. If you're not confident in your price as you sell it, how can you expect your ideal clients to be confident to make the investment? Trust me, I know you want to make a lot of money and that can certainly be the goal, but to me, it's OK to do that in a practical way overtime. I'm seeing too many right now chasing $10k months, but struggling to make even $1k, and again, that just doesn't make sense to me. 


When it comes to getting out there, being visible, and sharing free content, what you're creating has to compliment and align with what you actually have for sale. If not, you'll wind up attracting people that aren't ideal clients, and you'll be stuck with a list full of people who likely won't buy.

For example, if I'm trying to sell a 90 day package based on helping new coaches figure out their foundation and master their marketing, my webinars, freebies, etc. are going to compliment just that. I wouldn't spend time creating a freebie that helps people learn how to design a website or a list of the best business tools, just for the sake of building my list. I think that when many hear how important list building is, they focus on getting people, any people, on it, whether they're ideal clients or not. Remember, quality over quantity. Focus on getting the RIGHT people on your list, those that need and want what you have to offer, so that the sale is just a natural next step for them.


The best way to spark your week is to (duh!) make sure you're signed up for the challenge! We are going to be going into crazy detail about everything you need to do (and avoid!) in order to create packages and programs that bring you closer to being able to celebrate your success and I just know this can be a GAME CHANGER for you and your business.