When I think back to last year when I was STRUGGLING to get my coaching business started, all the possibilities like digital programs, group coaching, one one ones, intensives, etc. excited me, but also overwhelmed the hell out of me. There were so many things I COULD do, but knowing what I SHOULD do was so unclear. For me personally, when I'm overwhelmed, I take little or no action, and the truth is that zero action adds up to zero results.

I find it's the same with many of the women I speak to that are feeling stuck. They want to do a million things, and know they're capable of just that, but the thought of it all leads to overwhelm and confusion, instead of progress.

What I wish I had known last year is that it's really OK, and in my opinion, the smartest, to simplify. So today I wanted to share with you four ways I suggest simplifying so that you can get moving towards success NOW:


You don't need to solve any and every problem and be an expert on every topic related to your particular coaching business. 

It's beneficial, and honestly liberating, to really get down to your individual zone of genius, the things that you're both passionate and an expert at, and focus your business on those things only. By eliminating anything that doesn't fall into that combination, you have the ability to focus your efforts and be the expert on those things. Not to mention, it's easier to feel confident when you're sharing with potential clients about what you have to offer, whether that's on your discovery calls or your website copy, and more confidence = more sales.


Especially as you're starting out or struggling to get clients, giving potential clients tons of options to choose from because you simply want SOMEONE to buy, will likely hurt you rather than help you. 

I see so many that start out with a 90 day package, a group program and intensives on their website, and they're just hoping someone will bite on one of them. 

Instead, know your zone of genius, know who needs the help you provide, and then create a program that makes perfect sense for them. Then, put all your effort into promoting that. More options can come down the road of course, but you're SO much better off with a results based program that makes sense for those potential clients, than 4 generic programs you don't whole-heartedly believe in.


Webinars, challenges, ebooks, podcasting, guest blogging, email marketing, Facebook, Instagram - the potential ways you can market yourself really never end.

I know firsthand that it can make your head spin figuring out what to actually put effort into when what you CAN do to market your business is limitless, but that doesn't mean you have to pursue it all. Oh, and the chances you can do them all well on your own is slim to none.

Pick a few core efforts that align well with your ideal client AND what you have to offer and do them really, really well consistently.


Personally, I used to see fellow entrepreneurs, planning their entire year ahead of time and I'd feel a certain level of envy and desire to do the same, but especially in the beginning stages, it's almost impossible to plan too far ahead. Be OK with that, because chances are, things like who you want as your ideal client and your the programs you want to offer will evolve as you get more experience, and that's natural. Instead of getting too far ahead of yourself, plan out and focus on the next few months only, I'd say a maximum of 90 days ahead, if that. Pay attention to what's working and what's not, and then adjust accordingly, instead of feeling like you HAVE to follow your laid out plans.


This coming week, look at what you're offering and taking time to do in your business, and make an effort to eliminate what doesn't serve you. Really think about what you're putting out there or putting energy into that you don't need to be, whether that's an element of your coaching program or staying active on Twitter, and totally cross it off your list. You can always go back and add to your plate if you want, but do your best to simplify so you can get out of overwhelm and start seeing results.