In part two of my free SPARK YOUR MARKETING four part training series, I shared with you some of my most personal tips for transitioning to a successful marketing mindset. Working on my own mindset in my business was something that was incredibly challenging for me, but has been rewarding beyond words when it comes to growing my business and now I see it as something that is essential for success in all female entrepreneurs.

One of the most important pieces of that puzzle for me was learning the difference between spending and investing when it came to my business.

As someone who, about six months ago, was working so hard but charging such low rates, I made myself feel really guilty for any money I spent on my business. I tried to do everything myself. I would only worry about marketing efforts that brought me in immediate business instead of investing towards slow, smarter growth. I was afraid to put anything on a credit card because it felt irresponsible.

Does any of this sound familiar?

As women, it's sometimes a hard pill for us to swallow that investing in ourselves can be not only a good, but a great thing.

What I needed to understand, and what I want you to understand, is that smart entrepreneurs are the ones that invest in themselves and their businesses. Smart entrepreneurs are the ones who understand they can’t figure out everything on their own. Smart entrepreneurs are the ones who aren’t afraid to take things slow in order to build for the future. Smart entrepreneurs are the ones that aren't afraid to use a credit card in order to further their dreams.

When I invested in myself and a coach, everything shifted for me and I now truly love investing in my business. Hiring experts and paying money to build my list are on the top of my priority list and are the things that have helped me to have some great recent months in my own coaching business.

So in terms of marketing your business, are you making yourself feel guilty for every dollar you spend? Are you nickeling and diming where it really matters?

If investing in your business is something you've avoided, I encourage you to make that mindset shift and understand your dreams are worth investing in. It's what changed my business for the better and I know it's what can change yours.