This past Friday, I held a one-on-one in person intensive with one of my incredible clients who's in the process of totally re-branding and re-launching her business. She's changed her target market and the exact types of services she's offering, so she's now essentially starting over from scratch - new website, new email list, new everything.

In addition to a bunch of other topics, we were discussing possible lead magnets and what types of free content she could and should put out as a way to start building her email list and generating leads. Being in business for a while, she had tons of ideas when it came to topics she could share her knowledge on, but a big concern for her was that if she began to share that type of thing, for free, that potential clients would take that information and do it themselves, without paying for her services.

It's definitely not the first time I've heard this type of fear from a client, so of course, I explained to her the importance of creating free content as a way to gain trust among your leads so that they turn into paying customers, and we wound up coming up with quite a few really great ideas that I know her ideal clients will love and appreciate.
Later in the night, my boyfriend Rob and I went to see the movie Focus and during the previews, we saw a trailer for the new Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart movie. Suddenly, I was brought back to that moment earlier in the day about giving away free content.

I have to be honest that I love Will Ferrell, but I had thought his new movie looked pretty dumb in the clips I saw previously and I had basically made up my mind that it wasn't something I'd be going out of my way to see.

In this trailer however, there were a ton of funny clips, which made me actually want to pay and go see it.

Can you see where I'm going with this? 

Hollywood and movie companies spend a significant amount of time and money crafting the very best trailers that are free to watch so that, in turn, people are more ready and willing to spend their money to see the whole thing.

I highly doubt you've ever seen a movie trailer and thought to yourself, "wow that movie clips looks amazing, I'm glad I saw all the good parts in this two minute trailer, so now I don't have to see the whole thing." They have to lead with the good stuff so that we know the movie is worth spending money on. 

Similarly, I highly doubt many of us go see movies without having any clue what's in store for us. We need the previews. We need to know the gist of what it's about so that we know if it's something we'd enjoy and if it's worth spending money on.

The same is absolutely true in your own business. I get that sometimes it can feel like a waste of time, money and energy, to just give away the knowledge you've worked hard to accumulate for free, but when you put your best stuff into the world, it builds trust and makes people want to know how much more you have to offer, not the opposite.

You are an expert at what you do. You have tons of value to share with the world. If you want people to hire you, you've got to put glimpses of that out there so that you can turn strangers into leads and leads into paying customers.

Tell me - what types of content can you come up with this week that your ideal clients would not only love to see from you, but that would also make them wonder what else you have to offer? Put your time and energy into an awesome preview, so that people are happy to spend their money on the full version.