I'm pretty excited about something and I feel like I've gotta share it.

I was just looking over some numbers and realized that this April marks my best month in sales EVER in my business - a really cool feeling when you take into account the fact that I was traveling for the first two weeks of the month and that I didn't promote a thing.

It wasn't long ago, a matter of months actually, that I was struggling to get one or two clients. In fact, at one point this past December, after firing off the last of my freelance clients so that I could finally get my coaching business heading in the right direction, I had an embarrassing 48 cents in my bank account.

When I think about how I got to this point and what's most important to share with you so that you too can celebrate monthly sales milestones, one big word keeps coming up for me, and that's foundation.

A house, a relationship, anything that's really important in life, is nothing without it, and yet, for a really long time in my own business, I was so resistant to doing the work required to have one in place. 

I, like so many of the women that come to me feeling stuck in their business, was eager to jump into marketing and Facebook ads and anything else that I thought could bring in money, meanwhile the direction of my business was still so unclear to me. We want to make money, we want to be successful, we want to see those clients and sales come in, but in rushing to try and make those things happen, we often miss the mark completely, because we're totally missing the foundational piece that is required for any successful business.

I had to get clear on what I stood for, who I wanted to serve and what exactly I wanted out of my business in the first place.  

When I took the time to do that work, that's when the sales came in.

By building a foundation that felt good to me, I was able to create a multiple 5-figure business for myself in the first 90 days of marketing myself, whereas the time I spent forcing myself to bring in sales quickly, led to almost nothing.

Funny how that works, right?

This coming Tuesday, I'll (finally!) be releasing a brand new 3-part audio series that will bring you through a bit more of my story and all that I did to sweeten my sales in just a 90 day period.

I'd love to know - What are you unclear of when it comes to your business foundation? What questions do you have about how I built my coaching business?