I observed a conversation in a Facebook group this weekend, and I wanted to share, because I know there's a chance you may be struggling with the same thing.

A female entrepreneur, a life coach to be exact, was discussing her experience of being on a webinar with a well-known social media expert. She was feeling discouraged about the advice that was being given out because it didn't match exactly what she was doing in her own marketing.

It really made me think about how often this type of thing happens and how misleading so much of the advice that's out there can be. In a busy online world with non-stop "experts" doling out tips regarding what works and what doesn't, there's bound to be a lot of confusion.

Please, please, please understand that when it comes to MOST things in your marketing strategy, there is no right or wrong. Just because someone else in your field or someone else who is successful does something one way, that doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Many "experts" out there give out advice based on their own experience, and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, and I know most of them mean well, it doesn't mean that's the right advice for you. What matters is that you know who your ideal clients are and what they want. From there, it's your job to deliver just that. 

No matter who you are and no matter what you do, the greatest thing in the world is that you have NO competition - because there is only one you. Own that. Be you. Market and build your business in a way that feels good, because in a noisy online world where everyone's constantly trying to replicate each other's success, it's the ones that are true to themselves that win.