It's no secret that actually reaching fans on our Facebook page is pretty tough, and it will likely get tougher, thanks to the Facebook algorithm. Therefore, a question I get and see a lot is people wondering if they should even HAVE a Facebook like page anymore.

My vote is YES and here are three big reasons why:

1. You can't advertise without a page.

In my opinion, Facebook advertising, while sometimes tricky, is the single most effective way to reach new potential clients. Thanks to super specific targeting and the ability to promote with any budget, FB ads are a no brainer for almost any business.

2. Your personal profile is not technically meant for business.

It's against the Facebook Terms to use your personal account to represent something other than yourself (ex: your business). If you're using your account for business purposes, there's a real possibility that you can permanently lose access to your account - heartbreaking if you've spent time building it up and connecting with potential clients and customers. Yet another reason why getting people on your email list, something you have complete control over, is SO important.

3. Potential clients WILL likely check out your page.

I think of my Facebook page almost like a business card. It's not a huge part of my marketing strategy or something that brings me in new business on it's own, but because I know it's second nature now to check out a businesses Facebook page, I want to make sure mine stays active and accurately represents myself and my business, as opposed to being a ghost town.

Tell me - do you have a Facebook page? Why or why not?