Today I want to talk about your options when it comes to promoting your business effectively. Looking at things like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, email marketing, paid advertising, etc. it may seem like you have a TON of choices, but the truth is you really only have three, and here's what they are:


The very first option you have, which is likely ideal for you if your business is brand new or you're not bringing in money yet, is to spend time and energy getting yourself out there in front of the right people in an organic manner. Please understand that NOBODY can hire you if they don't know you exist, therefore if you're not in the position to put money into advertising right now, it's time to hustle and get in front of your ideal clients by being visible and building relationships.

For example, your entire marketing plan could be centered around getting visible in a few Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out, creating high quality videos that you share all over social media, or putting energy into guest blogging/podcasting so you get your name out there.


On the flip side, if you're unable to devote a ton of time into your business at the moment, maybe because you still have a full time job, it's a smart strategy to put some money into paid advertising. Facebook ads, in my opinion, are the greatest way to do this as you can target EXACTLY who you want to work with.

For example, you could create one REALLY great lead magnet that's value packed and perfect for your ideal client, promote it via FB ads, then have follow up emails that funnel leads to a discovery call application or a pitch to buy an offering.

For the record - being consistent with ads doesn't mean you have to spend a TON of money before you're ready. For example, committing to spending $10/day on a really great sales funnel will be far more effective for you in the long run than stopping and starting random ads.


The best option of all is doing both of these things - consistently spending time AND money to build your business. 

For example, your strategy could look something like this:

$20/day in Facebook ads that funnel potential clients into booking discovery calls.
Picking 2-3 Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out and posting multiple times daily, positioning yourself as the expert at what you do.
Engaging multiple times daily with your own Facebook group if you have one.
A few posts per day on your own Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account.
Two emails per week to your list.

Know what's NOT an option though? Doing neither, yo-yo'ing or inconsistency. 


You simply can NOT flip flop with your marketing, trying a little bit of this a little of that. It won't get you anywhere. Truly, great results in anything in life comes from consistency so if you haven't already, it's time to commit to making that happen. Pick your goal, pick what actions you're going to take to achieve that goal, and put in effort every day to implement.