This past week, I did a little over $11k in sales in my business and I wanted to share with you how I did it.

Ready for it? 


Simple answer I know, but really, it's all that matters.

It's funny, I so often see things in Facebook groups like "I signed 4 high end clients this week, wanna learn how I did it?" or "sign up for my free guide on exactly how I made $10k in 60 days." With those posts, you'll see tons of people eagerly signing up to hear all about the "secret formula" behind the success.  

What most people won't tell you is that there's no ONE formula for success and that chances are, you already know enough. Lack of knowledge isn't what's holding you back. You can sign up for a million guides, take every course on the market, and work with 10 different coaches, but until you implement what you've learned, the success you want is pretty much impossible. 

There's nothing special about what I did this past week quite honestly - I got people on the phone, I ran Facebook ads, and I did 2 webinars. Not really ground breaking, earth shattering stuff, but the bottom line is I didn't stop taking action until I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish - and you have the ability in you to do the very same thing RIGHT NOW. 

So I want you to think about that this coming week - where are you spinning your wheels in your business? Where are you stuck trying to figure things out? Are you actually taking action on these things or just staying up all night thinking about it?

Have you been considering about doing your first webinar. Then do it. Dreaming about being published in The Huffington Post? Then pitch it. Have an idea for an amazing free challenge? Then set a date and start promoting it.

Nothing comes from thinking things to death - you won't know how anything works out or if your idea is good or bad until you take action. Get people on the phone, share your program, start being visible - whatever it is that you've been thinking about doing, JUST FREAKING DO IT. That's the ONLY way the success you want can be your reality.