Ready to really jumpstart sales in your coaching business?

Step number one is getting clear on what you want.

Now, I know it may sound obvious, but the truth is you can't get what you want unless you really know what that is.

I see so many women (including myself for quite a while) waste SO much time money and energy being all over the place, pursuing things they don't really care about, just because they think it might be a quick fix or solution towards the success they're after, rather than it being something they REALLY desire.

It's crucial that you get more specific. Here are just a few reasons why...

1. When you don't have a clear picture of what you want, you're more likely to flip flop, doing this one day, and another thing the next. When you know what you want, all the noise and BS that's keeping you stuck, like what others in your industry are doing, disappears.

2. Entrepreneurship is NOT for the wishy washy. It takes hard work and commitment each and every day to accomplish your goals, therefore if you don't actually know what those goals are, it's gonna be a hell of a lot harder, probably impossible, to reach them.

3. Things go wrong, launches can fail, and efforts sometimes don't work out the way you want them to, but when you have a crystal clear picture of your goals, you'll be a hell of a lot more likely to dust yourself off and keep going until you make it happen, no matter what.

I know that for the months that I struggled, I was all over the place, chasing every little thing I thought could make me money or that might work, rather than it being something I REALLY desired. I overcomplicated EVERYTHING, making things SO much harder than they needed to be.

I want it to be simpler and faster for you.

So in getting clarity around what you want, here are some things to start reflecting and thinking about:

1. What would your dream work day look like? What about dream week? How exactly would you be helping and serving others?

3. What don't you want? What ways of working don't excite you at all?

3. Look 90 days into the future. How many clients have you signed and how much have you made? What have you accomplished. Be as specific as possible.
Let me know below what you REALLY want from your business.