Once you really know what you want (step one), it's time to make sure you have a SOLID business foundation in place.

It's funny, so many come to me eager to start marketing their businesses, and I get that of course, but please trust me when I say we HAVE to have a strong foundation in place before any marketing can be successful.

Why? Because if people don't understand what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it, they're confused. And confused people DO. NOT. BUY. ANYTHING.

These are the 3 main areas I have my clients focus on as they get started:


It's important to understand that you don't have to help everyone with everything. It's not clear enough to just market yourself as a business or a health coach - far too vague. Therefore, you've really got to get to the core of what YOUR specialty is.

First, think about your passions in relation to your business. Get specific here. What are those things you LOVE to help people with? What would you do FOR FREE?

Next, dig into your expertise - what do you feel 100% confident you can help others with, perhaps better than anyone else? Again, be specific.

Where these things overlap, meaning they fall into both columns, THAT is your zone of genius and that's where your focus should be, especially in the beginning. You can always tweak and evolve, but this is a GREAT starting point in getting you moving.


Now that you know how you best serve others, it's time to really get clarity around who needs you, based on those things.

Now I know a lot of ideal client exercises have you focus on demographics - how old they are, where they live, that kind of thing. As a coach though, I really believe that we need to focus WAY more on where our clients are emotionally - what they're struggling with and what they desire.
Now essentially, your job as a coach is to support your clients in getting from where they are now to where they want to be, right? Here's an analogy that's been super helpful for me:

Island A is where our ideal clients are struggling, frustrated, and confused. They're essentially in their own version of their personal hell.

Island B is where they WANT to be. It's that dream scenario they'd pay any amount of money to accomplish because they want it so badly.

It's your mission as a business owner and as a marketer to show them you're the boat to get them from island A to island B.

Therefore, in figuring out who your ideal client is, focus on this analogy. Get to know your client intimately from an emotional stand point and what both island A and B look like for them. Get as specific as possible. REALLY get to know them so that you can go on to show them YOU'RE the person that can help them.


Finally, it's time to put together an offering, a program or package that gets those ideal clients from island A to B.

So many, when starting their coaching businesses, waste so much time working on a bunch of programs, which is just silly in my opinion. When I first launched my coaching business last January, I had ONE solution in place that led to an $8k month because it gave my ideal clients what they needed.

Pick one program, one solution that truly solves the problem(s) your ideal client is facing. Don't be afraid to think outside the box here. It doesn't have to just be a standard 90 day package with 12 weekly calls or what everyone else is doing. Get creative. Really think about what your ideal client needs to accomplish and create the thing that's going to help them get there.
This work can be hard, but when you nail what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it, you literally can't lose, and quite honestly, making money becomes simple.


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