Time for the fifth and final step in jumpstarting your coaching business - woohoo!

Today we're talking MARKETING.

I'm a big believer that marketing your business can be really simple, and honestly, that simplicity is the key to quick success in the beginning. To start bringing in clients and making money, PLEASE know you don't have to do a million different things - you just have to do a few things really, really well. 

In fact, my very first month as a coach I did a bit over $8k in sales - that was with no website, one simple sales page, one core offering my ideal clients needed, and a few webinars, promoted by FB ads. That's it. That means I wasn't on every social media platform, I wasn't blogging a few times a week, I wasn't posting in FB groups, and I wasn't doing videos. Just one big action, repeated a few times so I could reach more and more people.

So in figuring out what core efforts that you should focus on, really think about your ideal clients - where they're hanging out, what they need to hear from you, and how you can make the biggest impact. From there, focus on being as consistent as possible in implementing because the bottom line is consistent money comes from consistent marketing. 

One webinar or one challenge isn't what's going to make your business. It's repeating that action, and getting in front of those ideal clients again and again.

So maybe you're using Facebook groups to share and promote your business - don't be all over the place, posting here some days, there the next. Pick 2-3 groups that matter and show up multiple times a day, every day, so that your ideal clients are seeing you non stop. 

Or if you'd rather market yourself with ads - create one incredible lead magnet with great follow up emails that funnel ideal clients to booking a discovery call, and have that running every day.

Simple strategies, yes, but with consistency, SO SO effective. 

Tell me - how are you planning on jumpstarting YOUR coaching business with the help of these steps?