A list of everything I use to run and grow my business.

SOFTWARE i use (Pretty much) every day:

  • ClickFunnels - We use ClickFunnels specifically for landing pages and sales funnels, but it offers a wide array of options. Click HERE to sign up for a 14 day trial.

  • Zoom - What I use for all 1:1 and group coaching calls.

  • SamCart - What we use to collect payments. Offers the option of PayPal and card, which we love. Click HERE to sign up for a 14 day trial.

  • Squarespace - What I’ve used for my website from the very beginning. Drag and drop features allow you to build a beautiful, professional website, easily.

  • Evernote - My life is in Evernote. No exaggeration. My favorite tool to stay organized with everything from personal information to launch emails.

  • DropBox - What we use to store and organize files such as podcast episodes and launch graphics.

  • Canva - I have zero graphic design skills. Zero. Canva makes it possible to create professional looking graphics, easily.

  • ActiveCampaign - My favorite email marketing software. Allows advanced automation options for a low price. Click HERE to sign up for a 14 day trial.

  • DeadlineFunnel - Very cool software for countdown timers - both for launching and evergreen scarcity. Click HERE to sign up for a 14 day day trial.

  • Textedly - The software we use to send daily text messages. Use THIS link to receive 5000 free messages.


  • Diva Ring Light - I didn’t think I needed to spend $200 on lighting. I was wrong. This light makes a massive difference and I’ll never go without it.

  • Audio Technica Microphone - The microphone I use to record podcasts. NOTE: this is NOT the same one as in my pictures. That one SUCKS. :)

  • Camtasia - I use Camtasia to record and edit both videos and podcast, including videos where I need to record my screen.

  • Libsyn - What we use to host podcast recordings.

  • Headliner - A super easy to use app for creating audio and video clips.


  • Color Block Notepad - The notepad I use to show you what videos I’ve planned for the week.

  • WeWork - I’ve recently joined a co-working space and I am OBSESSED. Working from home gets LONELY, and it’s so nice to get out and be around other humans.