Day One


  • As I share in the video, the big themes this week will be that MAKING MONEY IS SIMPLE and YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD FEEL GOOD. Start to believe these 2 things and A LOT will shift.

  • Based on those beliefs, I want you to focus on these 4 words: PASSION, CONFIDENCE, ALIGNMENT, and INTENTION. I want you to think about 3 things for each of these words:

    - What would my business be like if I was ALWAYS operating from a place of passion/confidence/alignment/intention?
    - In what ways am I NOT operating in this way right now in my business?
    - How can I take specific steps to change that?

Day Two


  • By working with you, what problems will people specifically have solved? These should be things you're both passionate AND confident about helping others with.
  • Who is the person who therefore NEEDS you and what you're selling? What does their Island A and Island B look like?

Day Three


  • How can you make sure that your offering/program, the thing that you're SELLING, specifically aligns with what your ideal client needs?
  • Why is your ideal customer going to get closer to where they want to be with this purchase? Make some confident statements here about why it's so amazing and why they NEED it.

Day Four


  • Pick a specific, short term goal you want to achieve. Give me the number you want to hit, what you're selling, and by when.
  • Decide how you're going to consistently give to your audience, in alignment with this goal. Remove all emotion from this - operate as if you didn't need to make another damn dime in your life. Logic over emotions.

Day Five


  • Reflect on what comes up for you when you hear me say that it's OK to sell as a business owner. Guilt? Anxiety? Why is that?
  • Reflect again on the person who NEEDS what you're offering. Why is it going to change their life? Why would they be CRAZY to pass this up?
  • Decide on how moving forward, you can incorporate ALIGNED sales activity EVERY day into your business.

Wrap Up