In short? Because I know what it's like to be completely stuck. 

I know how easy it is to overthink the offer creation process and try to copy what others are doing in hopes it will work for you (and then fail miserably).

Hi, I'm Sara Dann. I’m a foundational business and marketing coach for female entrepreneurs like you that are ready to take your coaching business from stalled to unstoppable. And not too long ago, I was right in your shoes.

I started my first business, Spark Marketing in 2012, but after two years, I realized I was still overworked and underpaid, just like at my “regular” job.

I was definitely NOT the boss. And it sucked.

Thing is, I KNEW I didn’t want to just be a “freelance marketer” anymore. I was desperate to transition to coaching but flailed about for months. I knew I had the talent, passion and                                                                                           expertise to make it happen. I just had nooo clue where to start.

So instead of keeping it simple, I let those making tons of money in the online business world cloud my judgement. I spent tons of time and energy focusing on things that didn't matter. And, you know, spending tons of money on courses that didn't give me the solutions I needed. 

I knew there were a million things I could do to grow my business – Facebook ads, webinars, what have you – but I didn't know what to do first, or where to put my energy to ensure I was bringing in the money I needed.

There I was, chasing $10k months before I’d even made $1k. And beating myself up for not making things happen quicker.

What I wish I knew then was that as entrepreneurs, we don't have to do everything under the sun just to get started. Business success all comes down to doing a good job at solving problems for people, even if that’s only one (small) problem at at a time. 

That’s what The Jumpstart is all about.

True story: I ended up earning my first few thousand in my coaching business after I put up one simple sales page with one offer, and did exactly one webinar to promote it. Nothing fancy. Just one incredible offer and one smart marketing move.

I created The Jumpstart so help you do the same type of thing for yourself and reach the success level you're after sooner than you ever thought possible.

Basically? Less stress, more money, faster.