Every good marketer knows that words may tell, but STORIES ARE WHAT SELL.

The biggest reason for this? What's PERSONAL is UNIVERSAL. People love to see themselves in others, to relate to what they've gone through, and especially in the case of health and fitness, to be motivated and inspired that if someone else transformed in the way that they want to, THEY can do it too.

That means that as a Beachbody Coach trying to attract both challengers AND coaches, your biggest and most influential asset is your story - what you've overcome, what you've accomplished and exactly how you made it happen.

Right now, your ideal client is out there looking for YOU. They're wishing they knew you existed so you could show them the way towards better health, financial freedom, and more - so that means that in order to market to them, it's CRUCIAL you understand how to craft and share your story it in the right way.


Introducing Sell Your Story

A live workshop training to help Beachbody Coaches like you learn how to embrace, share, and market your genuine story. The goal is to help you know what it takes to start to attract the RIGHT ideal clients to your business through your experiences - clients that are eager and excited to work with YOU because they see that you get them, you understand what they're going through, and that means YOU'RE the one to help them.


Exactly How This Will Work

The LIVE workshop will take place online Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm EST.

  • The live training itself will consist of an (approx) hour long presentation that will guide you through exactly what you need to understand about crafting your story and then using it to connect with your ideal customers. This includes picking out the elements of your story that REALLY matter when it comes to making an impact and sales, how to appeal to both potential challengers AND coaches, plus how to create mini stories that you can share on social media, in your marketing, etc. 
  • Following the presentation, we'll open up the phone lines for Q+A and coaching. This is where you can ask questions, get feedback, and request my help in refining your story into one that sells.
  • After the call, you'll receive access to the recording so that you can re-watch as much as you'd like - or watch for the first time in case you couldn't make it live.
  • You'll also have two weeks in a private Facebook group so that you can ask questions and get additional support and feedback from both me and other workshop attendees.

What's Included?

  • Access to the live presentation and Q+A session immediately following.
  • Supplementary materials such as a fillable workbook, guide on how I share my own story, etc.
  • Private Facebook group for members (open February 1st - February 15th)
  • Lifetime access to call recording and all materials, stored on a password protected, members only webpage.

Two Investment Options!



* Last chance to register is Monday, January 31st at 11:59pm EST *


All communication will be sent to the email address you use to checkout with on PayPal.

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds for this program. If you have questions before signing up, please get in touch: hello@sara-dann.com