Hey MLM Entreprenur, let me ask you a few questions...


  • Are you ready for your business to start making the money you KNOW you're capable of, but you're just not sure how to get off the hamster wheel and push through to that next level?
  • Do you find yourself self-sabotaging, doing things like buying products at the end of the month to reach your goals, INSTEAD of really making it happen for yourself?
  • Are you spending money on courses and programs offered, but because your mind's still not in the right place, you're stuck with no results?
  • Do you find yourself saying "I quit" frequently, and really questioning whether this business is truly the best fit for you?
  • Are you watching the strong leaders in your organization, wanting what they have - trips, sales, recognition - but struggling in understanding how to get there?
  • Month after month, you set goals, only to fall short, feeling like you're not a salesman 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I've got news for you. The problem in your business isn't necessarily with your work ethics, your consistency or your marketing - it's actually with your mindset. And I'm here to help. 

Introducing Find Your Own Drive

Coaching for MLM entrepreneurs that are READY to make the impact and income they were born to. My name is Melissa Kirkpatrick and it's my mission to help business owners like you find your DRIVE, live your passion and purpose, and be as successful as you've ever dreamed - all through the power of mindset.



  • You could create and live the vision you see in your mind as to the business you want to create?
  • You could get 100% clarity around your true desires for your business, making your goals and dreams that much easier to achieve?
  • You could start to receive the sales and customers you truly want, in a way that feels exciting and inspired?
  • Instead of feeling like you're on a hamster wheel day in and day out, you could establish and implement consistent procedures and and routines that work.
  • You could set and achieve your goals, with the help of powerful visualization?
  • You could let go of the numbers game and focus on customer care and support?
  • You could bring your true passion to life in your business and your MLM products is secondary?

I want you to know - it's all possible for you, and I want to help you get there.

Meet Melissa



Here's what I know for sure...

  • Without fully diving in and committing to your WHY, it's nearly impossible to get what you desire in both business and and your personal life.
  • Trying to set and achieve your goals without clarity and alignment around what you really want simply doesn't work.
  • With consistent work and effort towards improving your mindset, it's possible to keep out the negative and amp up receiving in all aspects.

Coaching Options:

I've created three programs specifically for MLM business owners.

(We can come up with more creative names, but kept it simple for draft. I'd obviously like to see three different pictures representing the different options, but again, just wanted to have some sort of place holder.)

Option A

Option B

Option C


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Potential Coaching Topics

It's my mission to support and guide you in the following areas...

  • Getting in touch with your true power so you can use your voice, unapologetically
  • Visualizing a bigger dream/picture (use pics, phone reminders, words to manifest)
  • Tap into what’s stopping or holding them back (I pull this out with conversation connecting a past experience that keeps repeating itself today – releasing it can creating a new way)
  • Processing and visualizing your desired outcome (visualization – I paint the pic as they’ve told it and help them see what the end result will look and feel like and remind them often)
  • Raise their vibration/energy/excitement (I listen to key words and communicate them back) 
  • Releasing unsupportive guilt, shame, stories, and doubt that are holding you back and replacing them with conscious language 
  • Letting go of fear and the hold it has on you
  • Detoxing your mind from what is harmful and fill yourself with thoughts of faith and victory. 
  • Eliminating negative, self-defeating thoughts to strengthen and empower you to live the good life planned for you!


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