Programs & Packages


supercharge your challenge

This self-study program helps Beachbody Coaches create and run free challenges that attract your ideal client, while delivering content they want to hear to make joining a no brainer.

30 Days To Simple Sales System

This self-study program helps you simplify and nail a sales system so you’ll be in a position to make an impact and sell to your ideal audience EVERY. SINGLE. DAY., authentically and confidently.

unf*ck your money mindset

A self study program created to, quite simply, Unf**k your relationship with money, so that you can shift into being the abundant and wealthy woman you've always desired to be.



A self-study program created to help you FINALLY get complete clarity around exactly what you stand for as a coach, who you're meant to serve, and what you offer so that you can market, grow, and build with PASSION, CONFIDENCE, ALIGNMENT and INTENTION.


A self study program for Beachbody Coaches who are ready to take advantage of technology and start working smarter, not harder, leaving more time for MONEY-MAKING activities.


A self study program created to help you DITCH the guilt, up your CONFIDENCE, and SELL your products and programs like the rockstar you are.


The Jumpstart!

A live six week, fast paced live group program for new (and new-ish) coaches who are sick of saying their business is going to take off soon – and want to turn someday's success into today's. 

Beautiful Boundaries


A self-study training to help you with your mindset + strategies for setting boundaries that feel good to you, make your customers respect you AND free up your time and energy so that you can MAKE MORE MONEY!

Stepping Into Unstoppable

A six lesson honest, tough-love self study program created to help you shift your mindset, thoughts, and patterns that are holding you back from being the unstoppable entrepreneur you CAN be.