Client: Robyn Henry

Session Fourteen

Session Thirteen

  • Market research based on new direction - minimum of 5 calls

Session Twelve

  • Finish up challenge strong
  • Offer calls
  • REST

Session Eleven

  • Finish up challenge content to start promoting on 15th and start on the 22nd
  • Landing page, thank you page, automation email
  • Work on sales page for 4 week beta program

Session Ten

  • Continue working on challenge
  • Move pages around as discussed

Session Nine

  • Complete challenge content as discussed

Session Eight

To Do:

Session Seven

  • Continue to share what you're going through - you're the epitome of something "making it happen" - be loud and proud about it.
  • Work on new video series or opt in, whatever you choose

Session Six

  • Make revisions to automated emails, workbook and training page as discussed.
  • Work on next videos.
  • Work on getting more assessment calls.
  • Keep taking action and being visible!

Session Five

  • Work on lead magnet as discussed
  • Continue to book calls - keep going and stay consistent
  • Believe that your first client is right around the corner
  • Work on intake materials

Session Four

Session Three

To Do:

  • Create sales page based on 90 minute dreaming into doing package.
  • Ask for interest in Facebook groups.
  • Share value based post in groups.
  • Consider intro/promo price.
  • Begin to think about re-doing lead magnet once sales page is up and running.
  • PayPal button tutorial

Session Two - 25 Minutes

  • Create post requesting free coaching calls in I Heart My Lifers and at least 3 other groups, as well as your list. My assessment copy and photo is below. Yours will be a bit different of course since it's free sessions, but hoping this helps you with the storytelling aspect. I also encourage you to create a graphic that states free coaching, maybe with a juicy title.
  • Create at least 2 more value based posts to be shared in those groups.
  • After conducting calls, go back through ideal client exercise so we can really begin to shape your signature offering.
  • Continue to think about story and that person that is a few steps behind you.
  • Don't be afraid to put yourself out there! :) 
  • Other groups for you to join:  
  1. Entrepreneurial Women -
  2. Entrepreneur Incubator -
  3. Spiritual Entrepreneurs -
  4. Freakin Amazing -

At the end of last December I had .48 cents in my bank account. Embarrassing, but true.

After working as a full time marketing coordinator for 5 years and then as a freelancer for 2, I decided I was DONE working on other people's businesses for them, DONE making crap money, DONE working my ass off, but still being in debt, and DONE feeling resentful that I had started my business for more freedom and yet that was the opposite of what I ended up with.

In late October, I made the ballsy choice to fire all of freelance clients and put my all into establishing my coaching business. A business where I could truly help people with the skills and knowledge I had acquired, rather than just doing it FOR clients. I took the next two months, with the help of an amazing coach, to really hone in on what I was meant to be doing, who I was meant to be doing it for, and how I could best serve the women who needed me.

I ran my first webinar for my brand new coaching business on January 1 - a webinar that (I'm not kidding!) I promoted via Facebook ads that I had paid for using Visa gift cards that I got for Christmas. Again, embarrassing, but true.

That webinar alone made me about $4k and by the end of January, I had made over $8k in sales. Not too shabby, right?

Now I could tell you that I went from .48 cents to $8k in 30 days, but that's not really the whole truth. The truth is that it took me MONTHS to be able to make that happen. For too long, I flailed about, wasting so much money, time and energy going in all the wrong directions. I burnt myself out physically, financially and emotionally, only to get nowhere.

For me, finally being able to get things moving in the right direction came down to two core components:

1. A strong foundation.

2. Effective and consistent marketing.

I hate to break it to you, but without these two things, reaching any sort of level of success will be tough to come by.

It kills me knowing that so many are in that same place as I was so I am opening up five spots for complimentary business assessment sessions this upcoming week. This will give me a chance to give you the help you need on these two crucial pieces of your business and by the end of it, you'll have some actionable steps to help you get on the right path.


1. You're a coach in the newer stages of business - maybe you're still working on your business idea, or you've worked with a few clients, but you're still trying to nail down your overall business and the marketing.

2. You are ALL IN. Success is not just something you'd like to have happen. It's the ONLY option.

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xx Sara

Session One - 50 Minutes

To do:

  • Ideal Client Exercise
  • Tweak sales page as discussed
  • Think about your story and what's going to motivate your ideal client
  • Conduct market research calls with at least 5 women