Episode 12: Going the Extra Mile with Brittany Driscoll

I'm so so so so excited to share with you episode 12 of She's Unstoppable because it is the very first (of many) INTERVIEWS for the show!

Meet Brittany Driscoll.

Brittany is the CEO of Squeeze Massage and, in a way, became an entrepreneur by accident. Her story is unique, interesting, and one that I think you'll really enjoy.

Prior to launching Squeeze, Brittany spent four years running marketing for a little company you may have heard of - Drybar!

During her time there, she helped take the company from $30M to more than $100M, opened more than 50 new shops and launched the Drybar product line internationally, as well as in Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom. (#nobigdeal)

Just as Brittany was about to move on from Drybar to a new opportunity, the company founders, Alli and Michael, presented her with the opportunity to open and run Squeeze, with their financial backing - and the rest is history.

I went to a live podcast recording a few months ago where Brittany was speaking and just KNEW I had to have this driven, powerful, UNSTOPPABLE woman as a guest.

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During this episode we discuss:

  • Brittany's unique journey to becoming an entrepreneur and how being driven and hungry created an opportunity most could only dream of.

  • Why being a new company, connected to an internationally known brand is wonderful - but why it also doesn't guarantee a profitable business.

  • The reason a client's EXPERIENCE is so much more key than most business owners understand and why going the extra mile has the ability to create massive success.

(By the way - I am IN LOVE with Squeeze, no BS. I've gone several times at this point and every trip has been nothing short of blissful. Best experience. Best massage. Best branding. Best vibe. They have one location currently in Studio City, California, with plenty more to come. If you are in the LA area, definitely definitely check it out!)


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