Episode 4: You're Not a Perfectionist, You're Just Scared.

"I want to launch/do/create XYZ, but I haven't yet - I'm a perfectionist"

Perfectionist. Stated matter of factly, as if it's some incurable condition that people are actually diagnosed with.

Truth time: Building a business is scary. Putting yourself out there is scary. Sharing your heart and soul with the world is scary. Investing money that you don't have in coaching/ads/whatever is scary. Launching something with no REAL idea of how it's going to turn out is scary.

I am scared all the damn time. 

But if you've chosen the path of entrepreneurship - you don't get the LUXURY of being scared - taking action is REQUIRED.

In this episode, I’m sharing…

  • The most important question you can possibly ask yourself - a question that will force you get honest with yourself and take the action you need to.

  • What I do when I’m hung up on a fear, but don’t want to let it hinder my progress.

  • How to make peace with the fact that it’s not going to be perfect the first time around.

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