NEWS FLASH: You CAN have anything  and everything you want. It's time to get out of your own damn way. 

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What if I told you that YOU, right now, have the power to create ALL the success and happiness that you desire and that you can live the life you've ALWAYS wanted, simply by DECIDING you can, and taking action accordingly?

HERE'S THE THING MOST PEOPLE DON'T GET - Your success starts and ends with what's going on with YOU internally. What you think, how you spend your time, your patterns, your behaviors, how much or how little time you spend on things that don't actually matter, etc.

Sorry, but if you think the amount of money you make JUST comes down just to sales funnels, Facebook ads, or how many times a day you post in your community, you're simply not getting it.

My success, I KNOW, comes down to the constant decision to always seek solutions, eliminate fear, drama and BS, push through anything in my way and to operate, ALWAYS, from an empowered place.





An honest, empowering, tough love self study program created to help you shift your mindset, thoughts, and patterns that are holding you back from being the unstoppable entrepreneur and woman you CAN be.


What we're covering:



  • An in-depth look at what passion REALLY means for you and your business.
  • How to dig deep and REALLY figure out what you're MEANT to do in this world so that your business LIGHTS you up.
  • Steps to get REAL and HONEST with yourself so that you can stop holding yourself back, bring your BIG business mission to life, making sure it's a TRUE reflection of who you are and what you want.


  • How to get CRYSTAL clear about what you want for your life and business so that you can ACHIEVE it.
  • Figuring out WHY you've been blocked from creating the success you desire.
  • How to get in touch with your true desires, the desires you've been afraid to admit to yourself, and deciding to no longer settle for anything fucking less.


  • How you may be playing the victim in your life and business without even realizing it, and why it's holding you back.
  • What's REALLY going on when you're in resistance and how you can move past it.
  • Why toxic, draining relationships are delaying your success, and how to empower yourself to make a fix.


  • The exact steps I take each time I set a goal - so that I can hit it.
  • How to stop overthinking and doubting yourself so that you can start making progress.
  • Why you need to ALWAYS come from a place of power and control if you want results.
  • Why not being authentic, and not stepping up as a leader, is hurting your business more than you realize.


  • Faith, fear, and why EVERY THING you do comes down to these two things.
  • Why really, nothing else matters until you build up belief and trust in yourself - and how to do that. 
  • Why if you WANT to be unstoppable you have to OPERATE as unstoppable - every damn day.
  • How and why I non-negotiably make my money back every time I invest in myself.


  • A LIVE video call conducted via Zoom.
  • A behind the scenes look at my BIGGEST takeaways from my upcoming in-person masterminds with my coaches Kat Loterzo, Amanda Frances, and Molly Sapp.
  • Q+A following the call.



your investment:

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"Stepping Into Unstoppable was everything I needed at just the right time. I desperately needed a kick in the butt to believe in myself again! Sara helped me to stop doubting my abilities and she really helped me get back on track with my self growth and development. I love her "No BS" attitude, her confidence and her fortitude. If you are feeling STUCK then you NEED Stepping Into Unstoppable. It will get you UNstuck real fast!"



"I wanted to thank you for offering Step Into Unstoppable.  This program was in every way a GAME CHANGER for me.  I went from being stagnant in my health coaching business, meaning I have come to the realization that my passion was no longer there - no matter how hard I was trying to force it.  I really did figure out my niche market, and my ideal offering by really getting real with myself with some of the truths that you offered, they were absolutely eye opening and game changing.  I have been working consistently on launching my new business and I am so fired up about the new direction I'm going. I cant wait for more of these types of programs from you! 


Sheryl Brassard Circle.png

"I recently completed Sara’s STEPPING INto Unstoppable program because, well I was stalled. I considered quitting my business…until I found Sara. This program re-lit a fire in me. It made me dig deep and face the true reasons behind why I had not achieved the success I wanted and here’s how. 

Sara breaks the program down by asking questions that make you really think and investigate the true reasons behind your actions or inactions and behaviors. She then gives you questions or prompts to basically pump yourself up and find the kick-assness about you that will leverage you to the next level.

Also just listening to her speak her no BS way is empowering and motivating. I felt like she was personally calling me out at times! Sara has a true way of pulling a shit ton of AHA moments out of you. I’ve never had more clarity about the direction I need/want to go in until now.  It also made me aware of feelings and behaviors I was harboring and the true reasons I was holding myself back.

This program reminded me that I do not EVER want my success dependant on someone else’s work and has given me the courage to pursue a health and fitness business in conjunction with Beachbody. It has made me completely change the course of my business and for the first time in a long time I am excited about the work I am doing and BELIEVE I can take my business to where I want it to go. This program was the mindset makeover I desperately needed. I am now creating my own programs as I gear up for re-launch, setting up an email list, creating a website and setting up a youtube channel.
This program is for anyone who is tired of getting in their own way and need that kick in the ass to get past it.  This is for anyone unsure that they are on the right path or need a boost of confidence to take it to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is interested in achieving success."


"Stepping Into Unstoppable - is EXACTLY what I accomplished by investing and diving into this training. I showed up each day and listened to what Sara had to say. It was EXACTLY what I NEEDED to hear. 

Some of the pivotal things this program taught me were: to recognize what a victim mentality is - and that I had one! The program taught me to move away from the struggle. This training was a HUGE part of the process of helping me unleash my greatness. I learned, from Sara, that I can have whatever I want... and that there is always a solution. 

Goodness I learned so much - I can't name it all! But mostly, what I've learned from Sara is to have faith in myself, and to TAKE ACTION. One of the items she spoke on called - Acting as if! Wow! That one changed SO MUCH about how I ran my business. It gave me the confidence to move forward into action. I'm making connections with so many women - and my audience is only growing. And I have a business now, whereas before Sara's training, I had a hobby."



"I’ve been talking mindset for a flipping year and a half so I have transitioned myself to a success coach as mindset and biz is what I love. All thanks to this training for helping me let go finally."


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"This is a truly amazing course! Sara’s approach is “tough-love”, while also genuine and caring, and exactly what I needed…..with tons of aha moments.  I learned so many things about trusting myself instead of what anyone else says we “should” do. Even around things I thought I knew, I gained clarity around figuring out we really want and how and why we may be getting in our own way and holding ourselves back from that. And most importantly, how much our mindset impacts us, and that our success is in our own hands and our own decisions. I’m excited to move forward with what I’ve learned and know that I can achieve anything I want and feel good about what I am doing, and stop things I don’t feel good about. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels stuck from being the most successful and happy in their business and their life on their own terms….and to overcome that and be truly Unstoppable! Thank you, Sara!"


Cindy Foy Circle.png

"I've re-watched all these videos now... some twice... and I may not have commented or asked questions that much because honestly, this was a LOT of internal transformation for me and something that I needed WAY more than I thought I did.

On another note... Sara, I think you could write a separate book about each and every topic that was covered. I mean, I feel like I got more on a single day than I got out of some of my entire PD books."

- cindy foy

"This training has been amazing and was just what I needed at exactly the right time! It's truly been a mindset shift for me and how I feel now just a week after is incredible.

My business felt heavy and hard to the point where I was questioning what I was doing and kind of wanted to quit. Now I have "rules" for myself and even just living within them for a week has ignited my fire and purpose! I truly believe that I am unstoppable! I love ALL of the training you provide Sara and am SO excited to take it to the next level."

- NICOLE SANTER                       

Stephanie Middleton Circle.png



"this group has been so amazing. Now I feel empowered to do me. Mindset is 98% of this and I know it will revolutionize my business whatever I decide that is!"


"Thank you for being you and helping people like me. It just takes the right thing being said at the precise time in one's journey to bring clarity to the situation. 
I was stuck on getting my website up because I needed and wanted a good freebie. I THOUGHT I knew what that was and have been fighting it for months! I finally decided it WAS NOT the right thing for me to spend my time on and I dismissed it, let it go and other ideas started flowing into my brain. I'm so grateful to have finally moved past this block and I feel free to create what feels right."

- Cindy Golie                         


"I'm catching up with all of the videos in here and holy shit!  I've had SO many ah-ha moments and it's so amazing! Can't wait to journal about them when I get home. I've never been a journaler so this is all new to me. But the fact that I'm actually excited to journal is a HUGE step for me! Thanks so much for everything Sara!"


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"Just booked my first 1:1 client... less than a week after deciding to do this. I just... I can't even."

- emily Coalson Stamets



"Finally caught up on all the videos! Gosh Sara you really make the wheels in my head turn! Thank you!"

- lindsey wiley



"I can't tell you how much I love this program! I have evolved and really feel like I am getting a lot clearer on exactly what I want, so THANK YOU!" 

- Charlene Sholseth Fazio


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"This program lit me on FIRE. Like, get up at 3 am so I could work on it because I was having so many unstoppable moments after doing the internal work on fire. I made some major mindset shifts during this program and even came back to do it again when I started losing momentum in my business. Stepping Into Unstoppable DEFINITELY lives up to it's name."

- Anastasia whitehead


who this is for...

    • The woman who KNOWS she's meant for more and is READY to make it happen - finally. No more waiting and delaying the life you were born to live.
    • The woman who is ready to stop settling for what's easy and available, and is instead, ready to pursue, with everything in her, what she ACTUALLY wants.
    • The woman who desires to be in complete control of her success and her fate, and is willing to stop at nothing to create the life she wants.

    • The woman who is currently spending WAY too much time worrying about other people think, giving to others with little in return, and is really done living life out of alignment.

    • The woman who is ready to stop making excuses and is ready to dive deep with herself (even if it's scary) to start making the internal changes necessary for success.

    • The woman who has spent much of her life letting OTHERS control the situation, and is DYING to be in control and empowered.




    You OWE it to yourself to invest in this program, truly, so that you can be the most unstoppable version of YOU that you can be. <3


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