Launching a new program? Just want to build your list?


As a coach, running challenges is one of the best ways for you to share value, build relationships, and position yourself as the expert you are. 

In this mini course, I'm walking you through EXACTLY how I set up my own challenge using Periscope - everything from when to send emails to what needs to be set up on the backend.

That means no guess work for you, just action.

What's Included?

MY BLUEPRINT: Exactly how I ran my own challenge - what I did, when and how.

MY OWN EXAMPLES: Use copies of my landing pages, emails and worksheets as a guide.

TOOL LIST: A list of the programs, sites and apps I used to coordinate each aspect of my challenge.

CHALLENGE CHECKLIST: Landing page? Check. Worksheets? Check. Use this list to make sure you've got everything set up with no detail forgotten.

PLANNING GUIDE: Walk through your own challenge according to my guide, so you can set yourself up for success.

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