Beachbody Coaches - Please, do me a favor...

STOP with the 5 day clean eating "groups" - PLEASE.

Here's the thing. There are about 450,000 other coaches out there selling the same products and programs that you are. That means that it's more crucial than EVER that you're able to stand out and prove to your ideal customers why YOU'RE the person to buy from. Therefore, running the same generic, free groups that everyone else is, that don't actually speak to or excite your ideal customers, are kinda becoming a waste of time.


Introducing Supercharge Your Challenge

A self study program I've created to help Beachbody Coaches like you CREATE and RUN free challenges that attract your ideal customers, deliver the content they want to hear, make wanting to become your customer a no brainer, AND set you up for long term success, rather than just a few random sales.

Your Supercharged Challenge at a Glance...

Right now, I'm pretty much willing to bet I know exactly what you're doing....

  • Each and every month you're running a new free "group" with a generic title or topic and inviting any and everyone to join, which means often times you're attracting people that don't necessarily want or need what you're selling. 
  • You're posting somewhat vague, health based content, that isn't necessarily getting anyone excited or engaged.
  • You're spending tons of time messaging the people in the group, only to have 2 hour conversations that often go nowhere. Or you're just ignored all together.
  • You may get a few sales, but after the "group" is done, you're left with a ton of people who haven't bought, you go onto your next group, leaving this (and all your old other groups) dormant, resulting in A LOT of people who will never hear from you again, even though they MAY have been customers down the road. 


TWEAK ONE: You focus on your ideal customer, what they're SPECIFICALLY struggling with in regards to health and fitness and the pain points they're dying for help and guidance on.

TWEAK TWO: You make sure you have a paid program that encompasses EVERYTHING they specifically need so that purchasing a challenge pack and joining your challenge group is a NO BRAINER.

TWEAK THREE: You deliver GOOD, results-based content throughout the free challenge that excites your ideal customer, gets them a little bit closer to where they want to be, and actually makes them want to work with you.

TWEAK FOUR: You collect names and email addresses from EVERYONE via a landing page so that you can stay in touch with everyone long term, instead of allowing tons and tons of leads to go dead.

TWEAK FIVE: You have a STRONG call to action and system for pitching, including time sensitive bonuses, so that people know how to take the next step AND so that they do it quickly. 

TWEAK SIX: You re-purpose this content into a blog post or automated email series so that you can share it on social media over and over and over - allowing you to ALWAYS be attracting new leads to your business. 


So Who This is For?

In short? The woman who is ready to STEP IT UP in her business.

This is for the coach who is DONE doing the bare minimum, or just going through the motions, running the same mediocre groups that barely convert, over and over.

This is for the coach who is ready to REALLY make an impact on her audience and create the free challenge that's going to have participants BEGGING to buy a challenge pack. 

This is for the coach who is SICK of working so much harder than she needs to be just for a few random sales.

This is for the coach who wants to run her business in a way that feels GENUINE and AUTHENTIC, instead of icky and salesy.

This is for the coach who wants to start ATTRACTING ideal customers to her business, instead of feeling like she has to HUNT for them constantly.

Exactly What We're Covering...


  • An overview of the foundation of your business - how you help your challengers, who your ideal challenger is, and what their specific health and fitness related pain points are.
  • Your paid offering - how to structure your PAID challenge group so that your ideal customers want to go running for their credit card to sign up.
  • How to plan out content for your challenge that ALIGNS with who your ideal customer is AND the paid program that you're selling. 


  • Running the challenge - what should be done and shared each and every day, plus my secret for keeping people ENGAGED.
  • Tech set up - how to create landing pages and automated emails so that you can capture contact information for long term communication.
  • Pitching! In order to get the sale, you have to ASK for the sale, so we'll talk about how you can feel good SELLING your programs, AND what simple trick will get you WAY more sales.
  • How to re-purpose your challenge content so that you can use it to attract new leads and potential customers every. damn. day.

What's Included?

Presentations including step by step information on everything you need to know about running a free live challenge the RIGHT way.

Guides, workbooks, tutorials, and even examples of emails and posts so that you know how to put ALL the pieces together.

A private, password protected page that will include ALL training materials for easy, lifetime access.

Your Investment

Client Love...

"I hit Success Club again this month without sending a single invitation! That makes 4 months in a row....all because I quit doing shit that didn't feel comfortable to me, changed my mindset and changed my approach. No more messaging people I haven't talked to in 10 years and trying to find common ground again....because we all know that they aren't stupid and see RIGHT THROUGH IT . No more feeling icky and like a salesperson desperately trying to close the deal.

Community is growing which means my audience is growing, and I am finally speaking to MY PEOPLE! I've said it before, and I'll say it a million times, this approach just FEELS better to me and even if I don't make a single sale going forward (which isn't going to happen but humor me), I am proud of the way I am running my business now and know it will benefit my clients so much more!

I literally knew none of this before doing Sara's trainings. That's what I did and invested in trainings to learn this new approach and to get her advice. It's been well worth it!"

- Ashley Crumby

"I just finished up my Free Challenge and today started my next paid Group sitting at SC12. All came from my Free Community, From my Posts, and From my Free Challenge."

- Colleen Devine

"I LOVE this program!!!!! Just finished my first free challenge YOUR way, and signed up 6 new challengers, 2 new coaches, AND sold 6 ebooks--in a week!! The BEST part is everyone learned a TON and got amazing results!! AND it was without private messaging and following up"

- Rachel Ngom

"Sara has single handedly brought passion and excitement back to my business. And not just for myself, but my entire team sees my excitement and is benefiting from her trainings as well and my clients are also benefiting from what I'm now able to offer them. I love what I'm doing again!"

- Julie Henderson

"I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for everything that you are teaching us! For the past 2 months I actually ENJOY coaching again, I'm not spending hours on end messaging people and "hustling" just for a sale. I've hit success club within the first two weeks of the month without even thinking about it and DAMN that feels good. So THANK YOU!"

- Adrienne Giangiordano

"Because of the list I have been building, I promoted the heck out of this all access pass and was one of the top five success club point earners in the company last week!!! Thank you Sara!!!"

- Molly Phair

"Sara, I just wanted to say "Thank you".  Thank you for choosing Beachbody Coaches as one of your Ideal Clients.  I would be so lost without you.  I've been at this for a couple of years and could not "embrace" the whole invite, invite, invite - challenge group mentality but I couldn't understand why.  Now I do.

In the few short weeks that I've been following you and doing the work, I've come up with an ideal client that I'm committed to and I care about.  I have a plan of action that I'm proud of and I feel great about.  I also feel confident and very excited to train my team the right way (and more professional) way to do business."

- Faith Winder

"Supercharge Your Challenge Live training was really the missing piece to my business! I finally have confidence in what I'm doing and a strategy in place on how to show potential clients what they get when they work with me! My free community already has a ton more interaction and I'm not even finished implementing everything!" 

- Tasha Whitt


I didn't even feel this excited when I first became a coach. Everything you teach feels more authentic, more ME. Thank you! 

- Natalie True


Holy crap. Last pay of the month came out today. Not my biggest check, BUT this has been my most consistent month. I have DOUBLED my pay from last month. I know that this has come from treating my biz like a biz, and this training has had a lot to do with that! So thanks Sara Dann!

- Jillian Ploetz

"Sara came into my life at the perfect moment! her training has taught me how to save on Facebook ads, reach my ideal coaches and customers and set up a business that runs professionally every minute of every day. I am no longer chasing Facebook messages! I signed up my first business-building coach less than a week after implementing the training! I love the potential this system has for creating income in many ways!"

- Carmel Daly

"I have been a business owner since 2002.  I have worked with a few business coaches over the years and NO ONE compares to what Sara Dann has done for my business!  Her one on one attention and commitment to my success was HUGE to me.  I have never received that with anyone else, I was just a number on a long list of clients to them.  I paid a premium dollar for their serves and got mediocre training.  With Sara, I was able to get her training at an amazing value.  Not only that but she was invested into my success.  She made sure I understood everything she was instructing me to do.  She broke it down step by step to teach me with all the patience in the world.  I will be forever grateful for the work she put into me.  I know I will be first in line for any future training or coaching event she will put together.  There is no better business or marketing coach like Sara Dann.  Believe me.  I have been there and done that.  Don’t look any further.  This is where you will get the most bang for your buck.  Worth every single penny and then some."

- Tara Eaton Swinford


"I need to thank you again! Honestly - I wish I would have found you a long time ago. I got more out of our call today than I have with months and months of other things. Thank you!"

- Tatiana Amico

"Sara, thank you so much for doing the Beachbody group that we started last December! I am slowly but surely changing things over in how I reach out to people, market and make my presence known. I love using Squarespace now, and have set it up to have people join my free group through it and not just for challenge groups but for general free advice and such. Just had my first one go through and have added over 20 people to my mailing list since December! I am still learning tons and going back through the training, still taking more notes, learning new things each and every time. But I finally feel like I have gotten into a rhythm with my brand and reaching out to people. Oh and now when I look at my blog, I love it. It finally feels like me, and is just screaming MY BRAND! LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Becky Allen

"This call was EXACTLY what I needed today! I cant even pick just 1 takeaway - I was screaming YES every second! Especially because you totally get us!"

- Kristen Garro

"You have made my life so much better by just being there and offering your support and help.  Thank you for taking the time to walk me through a really tough moment and help me focus."

- Jennifer Finney

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Sara Dann!!! Sara's leadership, expertise, and precision helped me finally execute the dreaded items I had on my list. Her step-by-step videos are perfection along with every guide she has given us. Sara's close guidance helped me understand my ideal client and the lives I need to be touching. I FINALLY have a website that I am working on as well as freemiums that I am very proud to offer. I have also learned how to successfully promote my freebies with Facebook ads! I could not have done any of this without Sara! 

- Nicole Farrugia

Let's Do This!

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds for this program. If you have questions before signing up, please get in touch: