Digital libraries of tutorials for some of the most important tools and programs I use to run and grow my business.


Each training library includes a request form to make sure that you get what you need, and all will be updated/added to as needs arise and software updates are made.


Squarespace is, by far, my favorite website builder.  The clean and professional look of a Squarespace site, along with the intuitive design interface it offers, is seriously hard to beat. The ease of design, navigation and website management, as well as adding copy and almost any type of media, truly leaves you with endless possibilities for your website.

In Squarespace 101, we’ll show you how to add content and media, personalize the design of your site, create a password protected page and even a comprehensive sales page, among lots of other capabilities, of course!


Clickfunnels has been a total game changer for me in creating my sales pages, landing pages, checkout pages and even membership sites.  The ease of customizing each funnel and funnel step, as well as creating all kinds of tripwires and upsells, has made Clickfunnels truly invaluable to my business. 

Some of the things we’ll teach you in Clickfunnels 101 include creating upsells to maximize each sale, creating page templates to save time on designing new pages, and integrating Clickfunnels with ActiveCampaign to simplify and automate the next steps after you sell an offering!



Of all the email marketing programs I’ve worked with, ActiveCampaign has proven to be the most intuitive to use, easy to learn, and the most reliable.  Whether it’s sending professional marketing emails, creating and managing email lists and contacts, or automating daily functions, I can’t imagine my biz without it. And this isn’t even skimming the surface of all that ActiveCampaign can do!

ActiveCampaign 101 will show you the basics like setting up a list and an email template, but also delves into ways to simplify and automate tasks that are no doubt taking valuable time up in your business - so you can be spending that time elsewhere!



Canva is a tool we use daily to create beautiful graphics - whether it’s a social media post, a Facebook Group cover, a program workbook, a Youtube thumbnail or anything else you’ve seen from the Sara Dann brand, it was likely created in Canva.  We LOVE this tool!

Canva 101 will show you how to get started with a design from scratch, how to use your specific brand elements like your colors and fonts, how to understand and navigate the Canva task bar (allowing you to understand all that’s possible with Canva), and a few other hacks to give you a leg up on creating beautiful and professional graphics for your biz!