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pssst - I KNOW WHY YOUR LAUNCHes are flopping…

  1. REASON NUMBER ONE: You’re so obsessed with making money that you’re not making strategic, intelligent decisions. What I see over and over again - women in my community being so emotional about their launches because they want the sales so damn badly that they get so caught up trying to do it all the “right” way, instead of just doing and saying things they WANT to do and say. That leads to them completely abandoning logic and they wind up forgetting the purpose of this all to begin with - to serve.

  2. REASON NUMBER TWO: You don’t believe your stuff is going to sell - so nobody else believes either. The number one most important element of a successful launch is YOUR confidence in what you’re selling. If YOU are unclear on why people would be crazy for not buying, it’s going to be really hard to get people to pay you.

  3. REASON NUMBER THREE: You don’t have a plan. Look, I’m the first to admit that I work best under pressure and love to do things last minute, but simply winging it only takes you so far. If you’re ready for BIG five or six figure launches, you’ve gotta get intentional and strategic about what’s happening, when and how.

  4. REASON NUMBER FOUR: You’re doing too much planning. Re-writing your launch plan in your journal for the 15th time or creating another color coded Google Doc isn’t making you money, babe. If you want people to BUY, you need to get it in FRONT of them - and that requires less organizing and more DOING and TELLING and SHARING.

  5. REASON NUMBER FIVE: You’re trying to sell to your college roommates and grandmother, instead of people who actually need and want your shit. Now, I’m not necessarily someone who believes that you need X amount of people to sell X amount of programs. But I am someone who believes in intentionally growing your audience and stacking the deck in your favor, because believe it or not, the more of the RIGHT people you have to sell to, the more money you’re going to make.

  6. REASON NUMBER SIX: You quit before the race even begins. If I hear one more person bummed out because their launch didn’t sell out within the first 10 hours, I might lose it. Launching is a MARATHON, a marathon you continue running (and believing in) until the very fucking end.

  7. REASON NUMBER SEVEN: You lie to yourself that you’re excited and confident about your program. You want it to feel easy and so you convince yourself it’s right, when deep down, you know the price doesn’t feel right or that you’d actually rather stab your eyes out than do this work. Trust me when I say it’s really hard to get results that you don’t actually WANT.

  8. REASON NUMBER EIGHT: Your goal is either WAY out of reach and unrealistic - or you don’t set goals at all. Yes, I believe magic and miracles can happen, and that there are always people watching even if you don’t realize it, but more than that, I believe in intentionally setting yourself up for success so that you can, from day one, feel and believe the results you want can be yours.

THE REALLY, REALLY GOOD NEWS? I know how to help you shift all of this. PINKY PROMISE.



A self study course, carefully designed to teach you my EXACT formula for creating offers you're crazy confident and passionate about AND how to launch them quickly, simply, and successfully in a way that feels GOOD to you - and your future customers.

Part mindset, part strategy, this program will cover everything (literally, EVERYTHING) I do during a launch - and how you can implement similar strategies in your own business.

You have my fucking WORD that this is not a program full of fluff. With me, you’re getting the HOW. The nitty gritty. The step by step guidance.

But not so that you can do it MY way. I want you to take what I’ve learned and make it YOURS.



Hey! I'm Sara and thanks to my simple launch process, I’ve brought in just shy of $1 million between 2017 and 2018. (Yes, I’m gonna keep sharing that because I’m DAMN proud of it.)

More important than the cash though, truly, is that after SIX years of being a business owner I can confidently declare that I've got my marketing and launching system DOWN - and not just from a financial perspective. I'm doing, creating, and marketing things I love, making the impact I've always wanted to, and being an entrepreneur actually FEELS good on a daily basis.

I know now that while making money is (of course) an IMPORTANT part of my business, pretty much NONE of it matters if I'm stressed every minute of the day. Now, alignment comes first and money flows easily, thanks to not only focusing on the systems and structures, but mindset, too.

Today, I know that it's pretty damn simple to make money. A big part of that simplicity? Understanding that most of the time, it just comes down to what we actually WANT to do and showing up honestly, authentically, strategically and intentionally.

And this is exactly what I want to help YOU with. I want you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, how to be clear and confident about what you create, and then to market it to success, without having to guess your way through the process.




LESSON ONE - orgasmic offerings

I believe DEEPLY that the first step to a successful launch is the creation of an offering or program that you are SO insanely sure about. A program that you love, that you believe in, and that you WANT to offer - so that other people WANT to pay.

  • Getting clear on exactly what kind of programs you WANT to create and how much you want to charge so that you can actually create things that feel good AND bring you in sales.

  • How to find deeper clarity on your overall message and what you stand for, so that you can make sure that you’re offering things that are an easy YES.

  • Structuring, creating, delivering and scheduling out your programs so that it makes sense for your customers AND for you.

LESSON TWO - sales strategy

Failing to plan = planning to fail. It’s corny as hell - but it’s the truth. In week two, we’ll make sure you have a solid game plan for your launch from the very beginning - because winging it can only get you so far.

  • How I plan out my launch structure and create effective deadlines and scarcity that set me up for big sales.

  • How to pick and choose bonuses, pre-work, etc. that gets people in straight away - rather than getting nothing but crickets for the first 10 days.

  • Fully upleveling your certainty and belief in what you’re selling so that you can share confidently and reach new heights of income and impact.


REALITY CHECK: In order to make sales, you need people to sell TO. In week three, we’re going to focus on getting the right people into your world, nurturing the hell out of them with effective free content, and setting them up to WANT to BUY.

  • My two step system for marketing - how I draw NEW people in and how I re-market to my existing audience, including my daily content and marketing plan.

  • The headache free way I use Facebook ads to build my audience, set myself up for success, and monetize quickly. (Guest training from Amy Crane!)

  • Other methods I use to intentionally build my audience full of potential buyers.

  • Exactly how I set (and achieve) my launch goals - even when resistance and fear sets in.



Technology can be a bitch, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. In this lesson, we’re walking you through EVERY LITTLE THING we set up so you can be prepared and ready to get paid.

  • What I use during a launch and why - plus how to figure out what systems and programs are best for YOU.

  • How to set up EVERYTHING on the back end so that you can get paid, deliver content and welcome emails automatically, create membership sites, etc.

  • My simple, but effective style and strategy for writing and designing sales pages that convert.


Arguably the most important lesson, we’re covering IN MASSIVE DETAIL, exactly what happens DURING a launch over at team SD from both a strategic AND mindset perspective.

  • Literally every single thing I do during the launch on a daily basis - from where and what I post to what emails I send.

  • My team’s system for staying organized.

  • Troubleshooting what to do when sales aren't coming in - both practical actions to take AND mindset work to focus on.


It’s absolutely crucial that you run the launch race until the end, so we’re dedicating a whole week to the very end to make sure you finish strong and hit those goals.

  • How to set up re-targeting ads on Facebook - super effective for REALLY making sure your ideal customers know about your offering.

  • How to assess how your launch did overall, what needs to change and/or be repeated for the next launch, and how to build upon the momentum you’ve worked hard to create.



Receive instant access to the following upon signing up:

  • SIX CORE VIDEO LESSONS: Six video trainings, plus supplementary content such as workbooks and tutorials.

  • SUPPLEMENTARY CONTENT: For each lesson, Each week you’ll get a TON of extra stuff to make sure you’re nailing every step of your launch - everything from workbooks and checklists to relevant tech trainings and tutorials. I am the QUEEN of overdelivery and you have my word that you will get every damn thing you need for your aligned launch!

  • MEMBERSHIP SITE: Private, password protected membership site that will house all materials. You will have lifetime access to this.

AND, three epic bonuses!


BONUS NUMBER ONE - MY LAUNCH TEMPLATES: This is nuts. Like the best bonus I’ve ever offered, nuts. You’re basically getting what I do during my launch handed to you on a silver platter. We’re creating a Dropbox folder where you can access EVERY LITTLE THING we’ve created/written during this launch including my Facebook ad copy, emails, Facebook posts, etc.

BONUS NUMBER TWO - MY JOURNAL ENTRIES: I do a MASSIVE amount of mindset work during my launches, because really, it’s the most important part of all of this. As a member of The Aligned Launch Formula, you’re going to get a behind the scenes look at what I do and how I shift limiting beliefs and fears so that I can hit the numbers I want to hit.

BONUS NUMBER THREE - ADVANCED MANIFESTATION TRAINING FROM KATRINA RUTH: - Last year, I spent a POWERFUL day in NYC with Kat. One of the mind blowing discussions we had was around ADVANCED MANIFESTATION. The exact steps she (a multi millionaire, by the way) takes to manifest what SHE desires in her own life. Luckily for me (and you), she recorded it, and said yes to giving it to you as a bonus!



VERY IMPORTANT: All sales final.



Register for The Aligned Launch Formula by paying in full and we’ll mail you out one of these “YOU HAVE THE POWER TO BE UNSTOPPABLE” mugs - exclusively available to my clients!

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