Sorry, But Right Now Your Marketing Sucks...

The reason for that? Not because you don't care or because you're not working hard.

It's because instead of being focused, clear, confident and specific about the problems YOU solve, who you solve them for, and HOW you solve them, you're throwing things up against the wall, hoping they stick, operating without intention, and trying to speak to everyone, which means you're speaking to no one.

I have a little secret for you - the money maker in your business is NOT the marketing - the Facebook ads, the sales funnels, the blogs you write, etc.

 It's in the FOUNDATION of your business. People WILL spend money with you when you can show them you'll give them the solutions and the results they desire, but if you can't clearly and confidently articulate that, your marketing can't do it's job.

I'm proud to say that I operate my business believing and knowing two core things: making money is simple and my business should feel good, and 99% of that is because I'm incredibly clear on the foundational pieces of my business.

It's time you focused on the pieces of your business that matter so that YOU can declare the same, and fast.

Introducing The Foundation Formula Bootcamp

A live, three week group program created to help coaches like you FINALLY get complete clarity around exactly what you stand for as a coach, who you're meant to serve, and what you offer so that you can market, grow, and build with PASSION, CONFIDENCE, ALIGNMENT and INTENTION.

What We're Covering

WEEK ONE: Who You Are as a Coach

  • Narrow down exactly what you stand for as a coach so that you can stop being vague or generic, and instead, you start to STAND OUT to those who need you.
  • Learn how you can EMBRACE and SHARE your own individual stories and experiences to attract new potential customers and coaches.

WEEK TWO: Your Ideal Client

  • Get to know who you're meant to work with based on what YOU represent as a coach.
  • Start to understand their emotions, struggles, and pain points so that you can CREATE and MARKET accordingly - no more speaking to any and everyone.

WEEK THREE: Your Signature Offering

  • Structure your program, the thing you SELL, that is totally aligned with you and those who need you and run it over and over again - no more re-inventing the wheel every month.  
  • Learn to build, design, and write sales pages that outline your programs and actually do most of the SELLING for you. 

What's Included?

Each Monday morning, starting Monday, April 3rd, you'll receive video trainings, workbooks, guides and exercises from me on each of our three core topics that will  include content, guidance and information on everything you need to know about finally nailing the foundation of your business.

Each Thursday at 7pm EST, starting April 6th, we'll hold LIVE group coaching calls. This is your chance to get my feedback, guidance and support on what you've worked on so that you can push forward and really get the clarity you've been craving.

Private FB group will be open April 3rd through May 3rd. This gives you access to me to ask questions, request feedback, etc. I'll be active in this group Monday-Friday.

A private, password protected page that will include ALL training materials for easy, lifetime access.

Who This is For...

The Foundation Formula Bootcamp is for the woman who is READY to stop doing things just because she THINKS she's supposed to, and instead, she's operating with PASSION and INTENTION.

This is for the woman who is ready to have successful sales conversations with potential customers because she can now stand PROUDLY and CONFIDENTLY in what she does and who she does it for.

This is for the woman who wants to focus every day on building an audience full of people who WANT to hear what she has to say, instead of just hoping and praying someone, ANYONE, reaches out needing help.

This is for the woman who ALSO wants to declare that, making money feels SIMPLE and her business FEELS good.

(PSSST - None of this is possible without the right foundational pieces in place.)

Your Investment Options

All communication will be sent to the email address you use to checkout with on PayPal.

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds for this program. If you have questions before signing up, please get in touch: