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"I am so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and attended this live event! In an organic yet intentional way, Sara encouraged us to share our stories and struggles. She held space for us to be completely supported and heard and then pushed us to challenge our own limiting beliefs. I believe Sara is the perfect blend of no-BS and genuine support. Although I have worked with her in the past, both one-on-one and in a small group setting, nothing can replace the in-person experience."




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"I had a truly amazing and life changing experience at the Up-level mastermind event Sara hosted.  This was my first time attending an event like this so I was a little nervous and unsure about what I should expect.  Everything from the connections with the other women and the incredible conversations we had to the food, venue and entertainment all exceeded my expectations.  I left Charleston with a clear vision and path forward for my business but most important was the belief that anything I set my mind to is possible.  That weekend truly transformed me and I can't wait to do the next one."

- nicole santer


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"This past weekend I attended Sara's Mastermind in Charleston, SC and let me just say, it was life changing for me. Taking time for me to focus on myself and my business, was the shift I needed. Connecting and meeting other woman who are like minded has given me a support system I never thought possible. Spending time with Sara and the other woman, listening to their stories and dreams, inspiring each other and supporting each other has made me come to a whole new level in my life. To say I UPLEVELED in those 3 days would be an understatement. It was truly life transforming for me. It made me realize all I am capable of and that I can do anything I desire. I did not want the weekend to end, I absolutely made connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. Most importantly, I UPLEVELED me!!! My life and business are forever changed from this event, and I look forward to future events with Sara."


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When Sara announced her Charleston event, I knew I was in. What I didn't expect and didn't know I needed was the time to focus on what I can truly become. I needed the time to let down my guard and be with women that understand what it is like to have so much drive and passion for business and not feel judged for it. 

I had no idea how much those 3 days would change my perspective on my business and light a fire in me that I needed and craved so much. Within minutes I felt like I knew the women around me, I felt like I didn't need to hide what my struggles where and that all of them would be there for me, pushing me to dig deeper and expose my limiting beliefs so that I could face them head on. 

The inspiration that was injected into me in Charleston, is carrying into everything I face and do, and has given me the courage to overcome the fears that were holding me back. I have no doubt that my business will thrive and I feel more supported than ever. 


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"The 3 days at the mastermind event lived up to the name ... Unstoppable Uplevel. I left with a whole new level of clarity, confidence and determination in my business.  Sara’s motto is to overdeliver, and this was no exception.  I felt like a VIP in every little thing - beautiful conference room, delicious food and beverages each chat, great space to learn and grow.  If someone is looking to elevate their business to a new level - Sara is the girl to help you do just that."

- Jenya Panova Zdybel

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"When Sara presented the San Diego Mastermind to me, it was, as Sara says, a no brainer! I HAD to make sure I was going! Sara helps us get through our emotional stuff, fear, self doubt and all the little fundamental things along the way too.  This opportunity to come together with an amazing group of likeminded women is going to be EPIC!"