Truth bomb you need to hear...

How you THINK about money has EVERYTHING to do with how much (or how little) you make.

Trust me when I say I learned this lesson the hard way. Let me share with you a little bit about Sara the business owner from 2012 through 2015...

  • I was charging $15/hour and working MORE hours for clients than I was being paid for.
  • I'd continue working for clients EVEN when they paid me late, out of fear of ASKING for money.
  • I never had confidence to sell ANYTHING, and instead, just hoped and prayed people wanted to hire me. 
  • I was CONVINCED there was NEVER ENOUGH money and I was destined to just get by forever.
  • I thought money was ALWAYS slipping through my fingers and that I could never hold onto what I earned.
  • I would avoid looking at my bank account for WEEKS because it made me sick to my stomach.
  • I ignored bills, racked up about $30k in credit card debt, was constantly overdrawing my bank account, and DESTROYED my credit.
  • I was terrified of discussing rates with clients because I always ASSUMED they wanted the cheapest price possible, because cheapest was best.

Super embarrassing to share all of this quite honestly, but I WANT you to know that if I can go from THIS to making $50k+ a month easily, largely by working on my mindset - you can too.




A self study training created to, quite simply, unfuck your relationship with money, so that you can shift into being the abundant and wealthy woman you've always desired to be.


What's Included:


five video trainings

Five daily live videos that will take place at 5pm Eastern each day starting on the 11th. We'll have Q+A sessions at the end of each video. YES they will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to EVERYTHING.



Daily workbooks, journaling prompts, and action steps so that you can do the internal work NECESSARY to elevate your money mindset.



Private, members only, password protected webpage for instant, lifetime access to all materials.



  • How to identify your money story, what you've been taught about money from a young age, and how to recognize that it doesn't have to be YOUR reality.
  • How to CHANGE your poor money patterns for once and for all.
  • Why DECIDING to no longer ACCEPT the struggle is the first step to no longer struggling financially.
  • How to truly identify what it is you desire - and how to eliminate the guilt that comes up with that.
  • My BIGGEST struggles with my own money mindset - and how I overcame it all.
  • Why focusing on your debt is KEEPING you broke.
  • The difference between investing and spending - and why it's CRUCIAL you understand this for business success.
  • How to operate from a place of FAITH and ABUNDANCE instead of fear and lack.
  • Why playing the VICTIM with your finances is preventing you from making more money.
  • How to set financial goals that you ACTUALLY achieve.

And so much more - promise.