Why? Because the last thing I want to do is try and talk ANYONE into wanting me as their coach. I want you to KNOW it's the right fit.

So instead, I'm gonna be transparent, open, and honest about who I am as a coach and who I'm looking to mentor. Why beat around the bush, right?

So that means if you're....

  • X

  • X

  • X

You're in the right place - and you should totally keep reading.




  • I started my business in late 2012 After five years as a marketing coordinator for a small local

  • For the first

  • In January of 2015, I decided to finally launch my coaching business.

  • 2017 was, by far, the best year in business yet. I made over $503k, launched 23 original programs, and most important of all, I finally started LOVING my business.


  • My business is my life and my life is my business. They're not two separate entities. I believe the best, most successful business owners know and recognize this as well.

  • Success is about A LOT more than how many PayPal notifications pop up on your phone every day - although we can totally crush that too. Success = happiness.

  • Authenticity and integrity are everything.

  • We get what we allow. Most people walk around working a job they hate, living a life they never really wanted. I choose to take a stand for being unavailable for less than what I want.

  • There is no ONE way to run/create/grow/build a successful business. You don't have to do things the way I do. You will be most successful when you create what YOU want.


  • I kinda feel like I'm part Gary V, part Gabby B. I'm gonna make sure you trust, keep the faith in both the universe and yourself, but also hustle your ass off to get what you want.

  • I'm as transparent as they come. Happy to be a complete open book and share EVERYTHING with you, the good/bad/ugly when it comes to how I've built my business.

  • I will support and lift you up when you're at your most vulnerable, but I will also call you on your bullshit, because you've got goals, and I want you to HIT them - hard.

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  • Get complete clarity around what you were put on this Earth to do, because really, you shouldn't spend anymore time working your ass off for a business you don't LOVE.

  • Create an incredibly simple, but super effective sales and marketing strategy that feels good AND brings you in consistent cash.

  • Turn up your content marketing plan about 50 notches so that people actually WANT to hear from you - and so it results in sales.

  • Completely overhaul your offerings, so that FINALLY, you're selling things you actually WANT to sell.

  • Run strategic, but also aligned free challenges, live webinars, and launches.

  • Step into the most empowered, most unstoppable version of you that you've ever been.

  • Remove any limiting beliefs/blocks/stories about why you can't create the success that we both know you're capable of.

  • Simply the hell out of your business. No more guessing what to do each day/week/month. I'm all about creating systems that are flow based, but also strategic.


now, let's talk about you...


  • Is empowered and resourceful as fuck. She knows that she is 1000% in charge of the success she can create and will pretty much stop at NOTHING to make it a reality.
  • Is driven, determined, and is ready to put her head down, get to work, and get results, and FAST.
  • Is seeking a balance of both the practical and the woo woo, the feminine and the masculine, the structural stuff and also all the flow and alignment.
  • She recognizes having a business coach and mentor is not about having someone tell her what to do, but to simply guide her in the right direction, support/push her when necessary, and to be in her corner, no matter what.


  • You're running a business to make money, instead of it being your PURPOSE and your PASSION. 
  • You have to ask your partner's permission to invest in yourself and your business.
  • You need your hand held. I'm here to empower, motivate, and support - but I do NOT, and will NOT, baby anyone.
  • You can't handle a dose of tough love every now and then.
  • If you're not a HELL YES when it comes to me being your coach. I know there are lots of coaches out there, and I respect all your options, but I only want to work with those who KNOW they want to work with me.
  • You're more addicted to your drama than your dreams. 
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WHAT’S INCLUDED + your investment:

  • One 20 minute 1:1 Zoom sessions per month

  • Voxer audio access Monday - Friday

  • ms, plus access to any old ones you'd like.

  • 50% off Bi-monthly in person VIP weekends. Upcoming: Beverly Hills - August 4th + 5th, Boston - October 20th + 21st. 


INVESTMENT: $1500/month or $7500 paid in full for 6 months.

This is the absolute PERFECT fit for someone who may not be ready to go all in on private mentoring, but still wants 1:1 support, feedback, and guidance.




  • Unlimited 30 minute calls per month

  • Unlimited email and Voxer access, Monday - Friday.

  • Private Facebook group with access to me and your mastermind sisters.

  • Two live group hot seat coaching calls per month.

  • Automatic access to any of future programs, plus access to any old ones you'd like.

  • Bi-monthly in person VIP weekends. Upcoming: Beverly Hills - August 4th + 5th, Boston - October 20th + 21st. 

INVESTMENT: $1500 paid in full or 3 monthly payments of $5,500.


client love…

Dana Circle.png

Working with Sara Dann through one-on-one and small group coaching for the last 9 months has completely transformed and elevated both my business and my personal life. Her no-nonsense, strategic, tangible advice delivered with compassion, honesty, and humor has helped me find my confidence, articulate my vision, solidify my mission, and execute deliverables that have led to the most successful, most fun, and most flow-y months of my business. I am no longer chasing people or sales or someone else's vision of my business and life. Instead, I find that my tribes seeks me out while I'm learning to lean into my strengths, focus energy on what gives me fulfillment, and work on my weaknesses (if I want ;)) in a way that works for me, my family, and my life. Not surprisingly, since nothing operates in a tunnel as an entrepreneur, my work with her has overflown in positive ways into other areas of my life as I juggle chasing goals and going after my goals with being a mom and wife. Sara over-delivers for her clients, with trainings, resources, events, and real-life (and real-time) coaching and I'm so glad that I am one of them. 


When I first started working with Sara I knew what I wanted, I just wasn’t sure how to get there. Over the last 6 months Sara has helped me hone in on my ideal client. She’s helped me push past barriers and realize that as long as I’m speaking my truth, everything else is going to work out! I went from signing 5-10 clients a month when I first started working with Sara to signing 15-20 clients a month as well as helping those specific clients reach their business goals too.  She helped me set better boundaries with my business which has helped me work smarter not harder! I’m a better business owner today because of Sara. 

Courtney Circle.png

Working with Sara is freakin AMAZING. I have a ton of different skills and ideas and she helped me really narrow down my thoughts and land on some key foundations which has been a game changer when it comes to income in my business. If that weren't enough, she helped me to really OWN my zone of genius and beyond that, who I truly am. Thank you Sara for not only helping me to change my business, but for the confidence you have helped me to gain! 


Working with Sara this year was the best investment 

I’ve made in my business. If you are looking for a coaching that overdelivers, shows up on time and consistently for you, available to lead you through the ups and downs of running a business, Sara is the right person. 
She knowns her stuff. I learned the ropes of online marketing, business automation, among so many other business related aspects from her. She is a true professional who has not lost a personal touch, which I appreciate tremendously. 

She helped me develop beautiful branding for my online business, and more importantly build a solid foundation for the business itself. With her help I was able to shed my doubts and uncertainties about the direction I wanted to take  with my business. I drastically increased  my confidence as an entrepreneur  thank to her. What I am most proud of after the past 6 months of masterminding with Sara: I don’t just think and dream about having a business I take action daily and it feels incredible. 



Simply fill out the questions here and I'll be in touch ASAP! If I think we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll be in touch to schedule a 20 minute discovery call. :)

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