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It’s pretty much the ultimate entrepreneurial dream, right?

And yet, when most of us get started, every dollar feels hard. We’re flooded with discovery calls and 1:1 client support, with very few sales coming in without massive effort.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t another way. A better way.

Imagine if, instead of all that, you had something that you could literally pull out of your back pocket, whenever you wanted to. Something that helped you make a massive impact on your people and deliver the info and results they want, but that took up little (or none) of your time. Something that you could sell 10 or 100 of with one single, simple marketing strategy that you could implement on demand.

Creating such a cash machine doesn’t have to be a dream. And lucky for you, I know exactly how to help you make it happen.



A six week live group program created to guide you through my surefire formula for creating courses that your people say HELL YES to and how to create cash with it, whenever you want. 

This is seriously as close to creating a cash machine as you can get.

From mindset and organizing your ideas to technology and marketing strategy, I’m walking you through everything you need to know to get on demand sales for your course.

As a live group program, not only will you have content including lessons and tutorials that will help you implement everything you’ve learned, but you’ll also have access to me to ask questions and get feedback.


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Over the past four years, I’ve made almost $1 million on courses alone, and I can confidently say that FOCUSING on digital programs has been one of the very best moves I’ve ever made.

I remember when I launched my coaching business back in 2015, I was making good money, but I constantly felt like I was suffocating.

Between sales calls and supporting my clients 24/7, I felt like I barely had a minute to myself and because I was always short on time, it felt like the only way to make more money was to stretch myself even further - something I was unable, and honestly, unwilling to do.

In August of 2015, I FINALLY had the guts to launch my first course and it was, hands down, one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

By ditching the 1:1 business model and instead revolving my business around digital programs that I can sell over and over again, I’ve been able to serve and help more people than I ever would have by just coaching and now, something I create once has the potential to make me money over and over again, with no extra work on my end, resulting in more freedom than ever before.

My goal in Courses = Cash is for you to be able to achieve the very same thing.

You’ll have not only my step by step strategy for creating your course, and quickly, but you’ll also learn my simple, and dare I say, brilliant marketing strategy that you can implement over and over again to sell your course and bring in as much money as you want, whenever you want.

This is as close to creating a cash machine as you can get. For real.




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(drops monday, may 27th)

  • First and foremost, getting in the right mindset so that you can ditch the fear, drop the imposter syndrome, own your expertise, and create that course you’ve been wanting to create forever.

  • My surefire formula for picking a JUICY AS HELL topic/result/objective for your course - one that makes your people want to go RUNNING for their credit card.

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LESSON TWO: mapping out your course
(drops monday, june 3rd)

  • Choosing your course format and breaking down your hell yes idea into clear and concise individual lessons, supplementary content, and bonuses.

  • The exact formats (including examples) that I’ve used that have sold the best.

  • How to establish a price that makes it a no brainer for your people but also makes YOU feel adequately compensated for your brilliance.

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(DRops monday, june 10th)

  • Actually creating your course from start to finish including how to run/record your lessons and how to support your people.

  • How to set up a membership site platform - I’ll give you a walk through on FOUR different options.

  • How to start selling your course before it’s created.

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LESSON FOUR: getting ready to sell
(drops monday, june 17th)

  • Setting everything up on the tech end so that you can GET PAID.

  • How I write and design simple, but super effective sales pages. You’ll get all the tech, design AND copy details

  • All things automation - how to set up payment links, deliver the course with an automated email, etc.

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LESSON FIVE: hOW to create sales with A LIVE WEBINAR
(DROPS Monday, June 24th)

  • How to create and run a live webinar from start to finish including all the techy stuff - webinar room set up, landing pages, automated emails.

  • My formula for establishing scarcity that gets people to BUY - this includes my example follow up emails.

  • The exact formula and strategy I use to market a webinar and get AS MANY SALES as I want - whenever I want.

Lesson six: now put it on autopilot
(DROPS Monday, JuLY 1ST)

  • Now that you’ve run it live and you’ve tweaked it to perfection, we’ll put it into an evergreen sales funnel that runs, and brings in sales, on autopilot.

  • All of the techy things required so that you can establish authentic scarcity that makes people watch your training and buy - instead of burying your stuff in their inbox, never to be seen again.



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For six weeks starting Monday, May 27th, you’ll receive in depth, detailed video lessons, all stored on a password protected membership site, that will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully create a course that SELLS.

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Each week you’ll also receive additional materials to go along with each video lesson. Things like guides, workbooks, tutorials, and even examples so that you know what to do and how to put ALL the pieces together to explode your audience.

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For the entire duration of the program, you will have access to a private members only Facebook group. This gives you access to me to tag me and ask questions, request feedback on your work, etc. I'll be available in this group Monday through Friday. Group opens Monday, May 27th.

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I’ll be doing live coaching calls via Zoom on the 2nd and 4th week of the program to make sure you are FULLY covered, supported, and get all the feedback and guidance that you need. If you can not make the live calls, you’re welcome to submit questions ahead of time for me to answer while live. Exact dates and times TBD. Yes, these calls will be recorded and added to membership site!


Plus, a top 5 bonus

The first FIVE women who register for Courses = Cash will receive a complimentary 45 minute 1:1 course audit. I’ll review everything you’ve put together, including your marketing strategy, and will give you guidance and support

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↠ The woman who has had an idea for a course for weeks or months or even years, but just doesn’t know how the hell to get started with putting together her ideas or getting all the tech stuff set up.

↠ The woman who deeply desires to create a massively powerful digital program that has the potential to change lives for people all over the world, but just needs to get out of her own way to make it happen.

↠ The woman who loves the idea of being able to sell her program whenever she wants, to as many people as she wants, at the snap of her fingers, leading to instant cash creation.

↠ The woman who is sick and tired of feeling like in order to make money she has to get on sales calls and speak to 1:1 clients directly.

↠The woman who wants to serve the masses with her brilliance, but without it taking up her time and energy every single time.





IMPORTANT: All sales are final.

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